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Costco Just Brought Back These Two Popular Desserts—But They've Changed

Will the new versions make it onto your grocery list?

With more than 100 million Costco members worldwide and about 4,000 products at every warehouse, there are bound to be strong opinions about the best desserts in the bakery section. While some of these items get restocked when they sell out, others come and go with the season.

Two popular treats are braced to make waves not only because they're back on store shelves but also because they've changed in the time since. Here's everything you need to know before your next trip to the warehouse.

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Red velvet cake is back in the bakery section.

Costco Red Velvet Bar Cake
Costco / Facebook

Over the years, Costco has dropped numerous takes on red velvet cake, a classic dessert that is often synonymous with Valentine's Day. In the past, bakery shelves have been lined with cheesecakes, traditional cakes, and (more recently) red velvet bar cakes. However, none of these items have been spotted in the past several months.

The new version may be different than you remember.

shelves and selection at costco bakery

Instead of whole red velvet cakes, the bakers behind the counters at Costco are busy baking up mini red velvet cakes. Instagram user @costcoaisles spotted this find in late January, as did several warehouse members on Reddit.

Technically, the treat was sold in the bakery about six years ago. As far as we can tell, it's the first time it has returned to shelves in a while.

This time around, the packages are labeled as mini cakes instead of cupcakes. Either way, they feature red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake crumbles.

Taiyaki treats are also back at Costco warehouses.

Suji's Taiyaki Fish Waffle Costco
Courtesy of Instacart

Members raved about this frozen item throughout 2021, and they avidly tracked when boxes reappeared at neighborhood warehouses. But Suji's, the manufacturer of the dessert, is apparently taking the approach of "new year, new you" to heart.

A major update has been made to the Taiyaki.


Previously, the boxes came with waffle cake fish filled with vanilla custard cream. Now available in Costco freezers is a variety pack that includes the original version, as well as chocolate cream-filled and red bean and cinnamon-filled fish. Reddit user @ronaldotr08 posted about the find recently, noting that the 30-packs are selling for just under $12.

This is slightly more expensive than the 30-pack of vanilla waffle fish, which previously sold for $9.69, according to Instagram user @Costcodeals.

However, the new version is gaining excitement among members who say they loved the original flavor heated in the air fryer or simply straight out of the box.

These aren't the only changes at your local warehouse as of late. Here are the 7 Biggest Changes Costco Made in 2021.

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