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9 Foods You're Crazy Not To Buy At Costco Right Now

We've scouted Costco's latest sales, and you'll find your list of grocery necessities right here.

If you're brainstorming your shopping list, you're welcome! We've done the research for you. Costco's new springtime deal book is out, and in addition to some of its discount gems, we've shopped around to scout some deals that could help you seriously stock up right now.

No matter what meal, snack, or (small!) gathering you need to prepare for, these are Costco's current must-haves to make life way simpler… and yummier. Even if you're still avoiding crowds, most of these are available online (just note there may be an additional delivery fee for some of these items, according to Costco's website).


Diamond Baker's Box Baking Nut Essentials

Diamond Baker's Box Baking Nut Essentials
Courtesy of Costco

Is it just us, or do you have every type of nut except the one you need when you're lining up your ingredients? We reported this past week that baking ingredients have been among the top five most sought-after groceries since the start of the pandemic. (Homebody much? Yes, and we love it.) That's why this mixed nut box with 22-ounce bags of chopped walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pecans is the perfect purchase for the baking-inclined. With $10 off until April 18, this works out to $4.85 per pound. That's like peanuts. (But, not.)


Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

Califia Farms Oatmilk
Courtesy of Costco

Oat milk is having quite the moment right now. Starbucks customers and some grocers across the country have been in pain over an oat milk shortage in recent weeks, so we can't help but suggest you get it while you can. Also, this price? It's nice: $15.99 for six 32-ounce cartons. We all know plant-based milks go with so much. This one's friendly to vegan and gluten-free diets and more.


Duke's Smoked Shorty Sausages

jerky, Duke's jerky
Courtesy of Costco

Jerky made with quality ingredients can be tough to find, especially on sale. This one-pound bag of Duke's Smoked Shorty Sausages is $3.30 off, with a limit of 10.


Honest Kids Organic Juice

Honest Kids Organic Juice
Courtesy of Costco

Forty pouches of Honest Kids Organic Juice in four flavors? Heck yes. If you've got any small parties or short road trips coming up, serving sips of this is likely to make mouths happy.

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Nylabone Broth Bones Natural Edible Dog Chews

Nylabone Broth Bones
Courtesy of Costco

Hey, we didn't say every food on this list would be for humans. Nylabone promotes their broth bones for dogs as being "highly digestible"—and if you know Nylabone, it's not the easiest to find a deal. However, with this sale, 108 of these broth bones come to less than $0.50 each. With April 11 as National Pet Day, we think your best friend deserves a treat.

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Annie's Organic Homegrown Macaroni & Cheese Variety Pack

Annie's Organics
Courtesy of Costco

This really requires no explanation, does it? A 12-pack of Annie's for less than a dollar each, if you buy it by April 11. We love Annie's for your family with real cheese—no antibiotics, no preservatives.


Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock

Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock
Coutesy of Costco

Organic chicken stock at $11.49 for six 32-ounce containers. You know you will use this for so much, and it keeps.


SkinnyPop Popcorn Variety pack

SkinnyPop Popcorn
Courtesy of Costco

Get your popcorn! 'Tis the season for healthy snacking, and Costco has 36 individual bags of SkinnyPop on sale for $13.99, or $0.39 per bag. Get your sweet & salty kettle corn, white cheddar, or original—all non-GMO, and free of gluten, peanuts, and dairy (i.e., great for kiddos, too).

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Linkfair Stainless Steel BBQ Baskets, 2-Pack

bbq basket
Courtesy of Costco

Not a food? Not a problem—because these baskets that you can set straight on your grill are going to get so much use this season. These are a great container for veggies, potatoes, even fruit on the grill—and, they're oven-safe. They're also less than $8.00 each for a two-pack. Get them while they're hot.

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This should certainly get you going—but don't grocery-shop when you're hungry. Check out five items Costco is bringing back to their food court.

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