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Costco Members Say These 5 Items Are More Expensive Right Now

Are any of these products on your grocery list?

Nowadays, at least one item on your grocery list may be either discontinued or in short supply every time you visit the supermarket. In addition to not being able to cross off everything on your list, you may also notice the total on your receipt going up.

As it turns out, not even everyone's favorite warehouse chain is immune to price hikes. Costco members are experts on the thousands of items inside their local stores, and some shoppers recently outlined which ones are more expensive right now in a Reddit thread. After user @bitterbeerfaces asked who had noticed any price increases, dozens of individuals added their two cents (which may be three cents now!).

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Costco Kirkland water

Water is a basic necessity, and Costco members are paying more for this pantry staple right now. The price of a 40-pack of Kirkland water bottles used to be $2.99, but it recently increased to $3.19, according to Reddit user @tehrob.

In spite of the price hike, Costco implemented purchase limits on all brands of bottled water. Currently, members can only buy up to five cases of water at a time.

However, these aren't the only two problems that Costco members are experiencing right now. Some shoppers also claim that the Kirland water smells like "fish tank water" or "lake water." At least one Reddit user/Costco member said they reported the issue to the manufacturer.

Garbage Bags

Costco garbage bags

In a response to the original Reddit query, one Costco member said the black plastic garbage bags used to be $15.79, but they now cost an additional $2.20. "It is subtle, as there are always new products, but not much has been exempt from increases," they added.

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costco aisle

In the wake of the pandemic, the price of meat has skyrocketed at grocery stores, including Costco. User @cloverbits said they had to do "do a double take" when they picked up bacon at the warehouse in mid-October.

And they're not the only user/Costco member to report sky-high prices. @assimplerandom said they "occasionally" purchased bacon for as low as $9.99 in the past, but the current price is nearly double that amount.

Bacon isn't the only item in the meat department with a higher price tag. Other members reported higher steak prices, specifically when it comes to ribeye. They're reporting price increases from $12 or $14 a pound to $20 a pound. In fact, Reddit user @nuee1 said they'd never seen a sticker price that high.



Unfortunately, picking up seafood for dinner instead of steak won't do you any favors. Members in the Reddit thread reported more expensive prices for items such as king crab legs; poke; and frozen salmon burgers and filets.

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Costco Kirkland Diapers

In August, the "death star" was spotted on boxes of Pampers diapers, meaning they won't be restocked once the supply runs out. Around the same time, the chain put Kirkland diapers on sale for $9 off, though it limited the number of boxes each member could buy at once.

Reddit user @Where-ever-she-goes reported that certain boxes of diapers currently cost as much as $10. Others recommended stocking up on diapers when they go on sale.

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