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Walmart Is Facing These 5 Shortages Right Now

America's largest retail chain is finding it hard to keep these in stock...
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Grocery shoppers have been vocal about all the shortages they are seeing on shelves right now, and employees are joining in. Taste of Home recently asked its Facebook followers which items are hard to find right now, and thousands of people commented, many of which called out Walmart for having several shortages.

Employees are also echoing the alert, with some posting about these issues on Reddit. User @RVFullTime identifies as a cashier at a Walmart in Coastal Alabama and says several grocery staples are in short supply. "Last night," they said, "our shelves were almost bare." Several other employees sounded off in the comments, detailing items they aren't stocking right now. (Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Walmart for status updates on all the items mentioned below, but no information has been made available yet.)

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Walmart beef

Not only is beef more expensive right now but it's also hard to find at grocery stores, including Walmart, according to the employee on Reddit. Many shoppers are saying they are stocking up on beef and other types of meat right now as the holidays draw closer. That way, they avoid a day of catastrophe! This is similar to what people were doing last year when beef prices skyrocketed during the stay-at-home era of the pandemic.


man shopping for pork bacon in meat aisle and checking the label for price

Beef and pork are in the same boat right now—both have high price tags and are of limited stock at grocery stores including Walmart right now.

Should you be able to find bacon, pork chops, and other items at America's largest retail chain during your next visit, expect it to cost almost 5.4% more because the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data says that pork has had "the largest relative price increase" from 2020 to 2021 of all grocery items.

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Chicken is the third meat that Reddit user/Walmart employee notes is scarce in their store right now. Another adds that "chicken and beef are getting wipes out in [Massachusets]" even though there was "a massive delivery Saturday and then no truck the past two days."



Grocery shoppers are noticing their favorite juices disappear—like apple juice, lime juice, juice boxes, and more—even at Walmart. "We've been short on a lot of juices…for a week or longer now," another Reddit user commented on the thread.

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Grocery cookies

A lack of snacks is among the reasons there are "big swathes of bare shelves" at Walmart right now, and those are basically just filled with whatever is near, the same employee in the Reddit thread says.

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