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Costco Members Say This Hack Transforms Its Popular Bakery Item

A short 15 seconds in the microwave does wonders for this buttery treat.

Because your local Costco warehouse is a massive place, you might not be getting the most bang for your buck if you don't know the secrets to success. These hacks include how to effortlessly debone a rotisserie chicken and what to say to deli employees to get your hands on cheaper meat. There are also secrets for how to share a membership and how to know exactly where to find everything in any store (even one you've never been to!).

That being said, some of the best Costco hacks actually involve the bakery section. One is how to take advantage of this relatively unknown free service. But did you see the latest bakery secret spilled by a Costco member on Reddit?

"Tried this for the first time on a whim. Toasted the croissants at 350°F for eight minutes and the lifeless mush turned into one of the best croissants I have ever had. Anyone else try this?" Reddit user @kakamoraa recently wrote.

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This tip for turning Costco's croissants from "lifeless" to blue ribbon-worthy in a matter of minutes prompted Reddit users to pull the curtain back on even more hacks for transforming these beloved treats.

costco kirkland croissant

While some Costco members are warming up their croissants in creative ways, others are creating new flavor combos by adding fun ingredients. (Warning: This may make true fans miss the bakery's strawberry-filled croissants!) Here are some more Reddit user/Costco member suggestions posted in the thread for how to level-up your pastries at home:

Luckily, the croissants from the Costco bakery come in a big package, so you have more than one chance to discover the perfect flavor combo or toastiness level. However, keep in mind that each individual croissant has 320 calories, 36 grams of carbs, 16 grams of fat, 6 grams of sugar, 6 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fiber. If you plan to enjoy one first thing in the morning, pairing it with one of these nutritionist-approved healthy breakfast ideas is the way to go.

For more on what's happening at your local warehouse, check out:

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