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Costco Is Discontinuing This Beloved Spice

Members, say goodbye to this gigantic jar of dried garlic!

Correction: An earlier version of this story erroneously said all Litehouse Foods products were being discontinued at Costco; in fact, new products are coming to warehouse shelves in the coming months. 

Quite a few new items are available at Costco right now, many of which are fall- and holiday-themed. As the warehouse chain rolls out its new lineup, it's out with the old to make room on store shelves. A list of recently discontinued products already includes at least two dozen items—and there's another one to add to the tally.

Any amateur or professional chef who shops at Costco is likely familiar with the brand Litehouse. In addition to various dips and salad dressings, the brand's gigantic jars of freeze-dried basil, garlic, and parsley have been available for cheap at the warehouse. However, one of these items appears to be leaving store shelves for good.

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A Costco member recently reported spotting Costco's infamous "death star" on Litehouse's freeze-dried garlic, which means the product won't be restocked once the current supply sells out. Reddit user @If_I_had_my_druthers will "miss" the freeze-dried garlic, especially since they upcycle the big jars the garlic comes in to store other spices.

"Informed by Litehouse Foods customer service rep that Costco no longer stocking the brand," they wrote. "Will miss these food service size jars."

Eat This, Not That! followed up with Litehouse about the claim that all of its products were leaving Costco shelves, and fans will be pleased to know that it turned out to be erroneous. The only product that is being discontinued appears to be the garlic.

A spokesperson for the brand also revealed that new products would be hitting warehouse shelves in the coming months, including a blue cheese salad dressing and—just in time for the holidays—a freeze-dried herbs variety pack.

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