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Costco Is Stocked With This Essential Amid a Shortage

Supply chain issues deliver yet another devastating blow to women across the country.

Recently, it seems that each day brings news of another grocery item quickly disappearing from shelves and becoming nearly impossible to find. Starting with toilet paper back at the onset of the pandemic and fast forward to the ongoing issues with baby formula supplies, shortages have plagued products in all departments across the grocery store.

The latest concern lies in the feminine hygiene aisle, with low stocks of tampons affecting women across the country. However, shoppers will be relieved to know that they can still stock up at Costco locations.

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According to Time, online forums and websites such as Reddit have been buzzing for months about the tampon shortage–though the story just made national news earlier in June. The report explains that increasing demand for tampons–reportedly up 7.7% for the Tampax brand over the past two years–has simultaneously been met with supply chain issues. Materials, such as cotton and plastic, used to make tampons are also widely used in other types of medical products deemed essential during the pandemic. Plus, the war in Ukraine has limited companies' access to fertilizer, which is used to grow cotton.

Stores such as Walgreens and CVS confirmed that they were experiencing shortages of various tampon brands in statements shared with CNET. And, online through Amazon, tampon costs have soared with prices as high as $114 for one 18-count box seen on the marketplace.

As women struggle to get their hands on the hot commodity, one Instagram account spread the word that tampons are still readily available at Costco. The account, @CostcoSisters—dedicated to sharing deals and cool finds at the wholesale retailer—shared a picture of three bulk tampon boxes from one of the store's locations in Pacoima, Los Angeles. The caption read, "These are the options at Costco if you're looking for them!"

The supplies at Costco include 96-count boxes of Tampax Pearl Advanced Grip Tampons in super or regular sizes, both priced at $17.49. These varieties can also be purchased online and are eligible for two-day delivery, or even same-day delivery with the grocery delivery service Instacart. Another option is the L. brand 100% Organic Cotton Core Tampons. This box of 76 is $12.99 and can be purchased in select Costco stores, including the L.A. location.

No purchase limits are currently in place for any of the three Costco tampon options.

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