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Megan Thee Stallion Reveals the Exact Meals That Transformed Her Body in One Month

The "WAP" singer has undergone a major transformation—and here's exactly what she ate to do it.

Megan Thee Stallion has undergone a major weight loss transformation in the first few months of 2021, working out with trainer Timothy Boutte as part of her Hot Girl Bootcamp series. However, it's not just the long hours she's clocking in the gym that have helped her completely change her body. In a new post to her Instagram Stories, Megan revealed how she's been staying full while shedding pounds. Read on to discover the exact food choices that helped Megan slim down and tone up in a single month. And for more celebrity weight loss news, Shay Mitchell Shares the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner She Eats to Lose Weight.

She starts her day with a smoothie.

megan thee stallion drinking a smooothie
Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Megan's trainer has done more than just motivate her in the gym—he's also completely revamped her meal plan. To make sure her energy remains high during her workouts, Boutte prepares Megan a smoothie that combines almond milk, bananas, leafy greens, and berries, which she drinks before she hits the gym.

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She snacks on healthy parfaits.

Megan Thee Stallion slicing berries

While Megan may be making smarter choices about her food, that doesn't mean she's depriving herself of treats. Instead, she's making healthier versions of the snacks she loves. Among her faves? A parfait made from yogurt, a small amount of granola, and a healthy helping of blueberries and strawberries. And for more celebs who've transformed their bodies during the pandemic, Ciara Reveals the Exact Diet That Helped Her Shed 29 Pounds.

She ends her day with a protein-packed meal.

megan thee stallion fish and kale dinner

To round out the day and keep her satisfied until her smoothie the following morning, Megan ends her day with a meal that combines filling protein and veggies. On March 22, the star posted a photo of her evening meal—a piece of lightly breaded fish and a kale salad—to her Instagram.

She drinks a gallon of water throughout the day.

megan thee stallion holding pink water bottle with megan on it

It's not just what Megan's been eating that's helped her change her body—her beverage of choice has changed, too. Instead of drinking soda or other sugary drinks, Megan stays full and hydrated by consuming tons of water throughout the day. "One thing that has helped me a lot is drinking a gallon of water a day," she explained on Instagram. And for insight into how your favorite stars lose weight and keep it off, Rebel Wilson Reveals How She's Maintaining Her 60-lb. Weight Loss.

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