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This Is the #1 Healthiest Protein Bar, According to a Celebrity Trainer

If the current plethora of protein bars overwhelms you, a NYC trainer shares two go-to picks.

Protein bars can be a prime go-to for nutrition on the run, but one look at most ingredients lists might cause you to put that package right back. (How do you even pronounce some of that, right?) That's why we're making it simpler. Here to relieve your protein bar overwhelm is a certified trainer to celebs who also happens to be a registered nurse. She herself wants the most power-packed protein bar, without chemicals, but with solid flavor.

Latoya Julce is a certified personal trainer and instructor at New York City's 305 Fitness. Julce has worked one-on-one with some recognizable names, done fitness coursework with some of the best-known Hollywood celeb trainers, and taught stars like Hannah Bronfman, Amanda Seyfried, and Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen in her classes. Also a registered nurse, Julce's busy schedule requires her to stay energized all day. That's why she's serious about finding the foods that fuel the body, and they have to be seriously healthy, easy grabs on-the-go.


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One secret to finding the best protein bar:

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There are so many protein bars, but one tip will help you narrow the field: Julce says a key to help you scout quality protein bars is to look for one "on the low end of the sugar scale," she says. Read One Major Side Effect of Eating Too Much Added Sugar, Says New Study.

With that in mind, here's ONE healthy protein bar…

one plant protein bars banana nut bread

Why does Julce love ONE Protein Bars? Because the name conveys her point: ONE Protein Bars have only one gram of sugar, the trainer says. (Also, a brief review of the ingredients in ONE Protein Bars suggests what's in there is significantly less daunting than a lot of other protein bar brands.)

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Another option is one you may know.

Kind protein dark chocolate bar

KIND bars have been around for awhile, and their protein bars in particular are one of Julce's faves. That's because they too are relatively low in sugar, as just for example, the Dark Chocolate Nut flavor has eight grams. Meanwhile, they deliver 12 grams of plant protein, with ingredients that are generally easy to understand. Check out Yes, You Can Still Eat KIND Bars and Lose Weight.

And if you can't find the healthiest protein bar…

Organic Apples and Peanut Butter to Snack on

If none of the protein bars within your reach sound like what you want to go for, Julce says another favorite snack is simply an apple with peanut butter or almond butter. "I grab a spoon, and it's easy to manage," she says. It doesn't get more natural than that, if you know what to look for in your nut butters.

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