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This Secret McDonald's Coffee Drink Is Exploding In Popularity

Customers are sharing this brilliant concoction on social media—here's how to get it.

If you love inside secrets about the McDonald's menu (like how to make sure you get the freshest fries), we've got one that can wake you up, cool you down, and please your sweet tooth. It's trending on social media around the world, and a local McDonald's restaurant just gave us the scoop on exactly how to get it.

This week, Delish spotted a TikTok user in England who shared a delightful McDonald's menu hack of combining the chain's vanilla milkshake and an order of espresso. @simz.24 posted: "So we tried the vanilla milkshake and espresso shot combined."

The formula is really that easy, as the user ordered up a tray of vanilla shakes, poured in a McDonald's espresso shot, then blended it all together using the straw. With that, they had a yummy espresso milkshake, to which Delish added how sweet it would be to do this with chocolate milkshakes.

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Here's the thing: In the U.S., there's some know-how required to execute this trend. That's because on most U.S. McDonald's menu, a shot of espresso doesn't exist.

However, the good news is that a U.S. McDonald's employee told us that it's pretty easy to order an espresso shot at McDonald's. "It probably won't be on the menu," they said—but, if you request an espresso shot at McDonald's, there's a special button that lets the McDonald's employee add it onto your order. A single shot of espresso would cost around $1, according to this employee.

And if you're really a coffee lover, why not make it a double? Track what's trending by subscribing to the Eat This, Not That! newsletter, and keep reading:

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