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Shay Mitchell Shares the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner She Eats to Lose Weight

The star's plan is way simpler to stick to than you'd think—and there's no deprivation required.

Shay Mitchell has transformed her body over the past few months, taking time to prioritize her physical and mental wellbeing after gaining weight in quarantine. "[I] a pact with myself that 2021 would be different. I wanted to focus on myself again, because I'm the best version of myself for [daughter] Atlas – and everyone else – when I take care of myself first," she explained in a Feb. 10 Instagram post. Mitchell has since lost weight and toned up without depriving herself. In a new interview with Women's Health, the Dollface star revealed exactly what she eats in a day and how she's using her experience to model healthy habits for her daughter. Read on to discover what's on Mitchell's plate for every meal, and for more on the star's transformation, Shay Mitchell Shows How She Got Fit in Four Weeks Doing This One Workout.

She starts her day with eggs.

eggs in a tortilla with vegetables
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Mitchell typically works out before eating, then fills up on healthy protein when she finds herself hungry, telling Women's Health that she has the exact same breakfast every single day.

"I'm the biggest fan of this egg quesadilla I saw on TikTok…You scramble the eggs, you put them in a pan, and then you put the tortilla on top of it," Mitchell explains, noting that she typically adds some cheese, mushrooms, and spinach to the creation and pairs it with a healthy smoothie to stay full.

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She makes a healthy pizza for lunch.

Cauliflower pizza crust

Think pizza's off limits for celebs? Think again. For lunch, Mitchell uses a cauliflower or broccoli pizza crust to create her own healthy pie. "I'll dump some spinach and arugula on it, and then a little bit of ranch," she explains, adding that daughter will typically have some of what she eats, too. And for more celebrity slimdowns, Megan Thee Stallion Reveals How She Transformed Her Body in a Week.

She has heart-healthy protein for dinner.

cooked chilean sea bass dish

To end the day, Mitchell typically enjoys a piece of fish and a salad. Sometimes, she prepares pasta or a sweet potato, too. Her go-to dinner at the moment is a piece of baked sea bass topped with garlic, paprika, and cayenne. "My salads have gotten elaborate for me: I'm cutting up green apples, and a little bit of pomegranate, and fennel," she says. "It sounds crazy but it's so good."

She snacks throughout the day.

Hummus carrots cucumber

Mitchell manages her hunger between meals by snacking throughout the day. Her go-to snacks include veggies with hummus, Organic DelishFish from Wholesome Organics, and Lesser Evil Apple Cider Puffs. Mitchell adds that she will sometimes eat more if she's particularly peckish. "I also have, like, meals for snacks," she jokes, noting that Beyond Meat lettuce wraps and sweet potato fries are a staple in her rotation.

She leaves room for dessert.

vanilla bean ice cream in white dish with spoon

Dessert's definitely on the menu for Mitchell, who indulges her sweet tooth with ice cream from L.A.-based Wanderlust Creamery (she particularly likes their Mango Sticky Rice, Matcha Tea, and Ube Crunch flavors) or Jeni's.
"There's not a dessert I don't like, to be honest," she admits. And for more celebrity transformations, Rebel Wilson Reveals How She's Maintaining Her 60-lb. Weight Loss.








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