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If You Bought These Pretzels, Throw Them Out Now

They were sold at this grocery store in two states.

Batches of gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels have been voluntarily recalled, because they may contain undeclared pecans, according to a recent announcement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Individuals with an allergy or sensitivity to this nut could have a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction if they unknowingly consume one of these products.

Citing a packaging error as the cause, Giant Inc. recalled their Market District Gourmet Pretzel Platters and Gourmet Pretzel Bags. The impacted products were sold at stores in two states—Ohio and Pennsylvania. Each has a "sell by" date of 04/03/21 and PLUs of 25206 and 45505.One illness has been reported in association with this recall. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)

The recall was issued after a customer alerted the supermarket chain. In addition to posting a notice on the FDA's website, Giant Eagle also initiated its "consumer recall telephone notification process," which leverages purchase data to alert households who bought the gourmet pretzel products.

If you have the chocolate-covered pretzels in your pantry, you should dispose of them immediately. You can bring in a qualifying receipt to a Giant Eagle or Market District location for a full refund.

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Amanda McDonald
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