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This Famous Restaurant Is Now Selling the World's Most Expensive Fries

Thought frozen hot chocolate was fancy? Here's what a plate of Dom Perignon-blanched potatoes looks like!

It's been the inspiration and the location for some of the most classic romantic comedies… and if you've ever personally experienced the iconic frozen hot chocolate at this Midtown Manhattan legend, you know they have a lovable penchant for the "extra." Now, this über-famous New York City hotspot has outdone themselves, just setting a Guinness World Records title for the Most Expensive French Fries. Here's what you'll pay for this list of ingredients that might spark an instant need to visit.

If you've been to New York City anytime in the past year and a half, you know things significantly quieted down for a period due to the pandemic. But when Serendipity3 reopened last week on July 9, they came back in a big way with Nicky Hilton onsite for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Four days later on July 13—heralded as National French Fry Day—Serendipity3 announced that they'd achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Most Expensive French Fries. The price? Two hundred dollars.

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So what's in these fancy fries? Just some of the world's most coveted cuisine. As Serendipity3 shared with Eat This, Not That! this week, the list of ingredients in these new Serendipity fries are:

  • High quality Chipperbeck Potatoes, blanched in Dom Perignon Champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar.
  • Cooked thrice with Pure Goose Fat (from cage-free geese raised in Southwest France).
  • Seasoned with Guerande Truffle Salt (the world-renowned hand-harvested sel gris from Guerande, France).
  • Tossed in Urbani Summer Truffle Oil.
  • Topped with shaved Crete Senesi Pecorino Tartufello (made of milk of sheep that graze on the clay-rich hills of Crete Senesi, dotted with black truffles foraged from valleys and forests in Volterra and Miniato, Italy).
  • Topped with shaved Black Summer Truffles from Umbria, Italy.
  • Served with a Mornay sauce made with Udder Cream (from Jersey cows, organic A2 and 100% grass fed), Black Truffle Butter, Gruyere Truffled Swiss Raclete (from Switzerland and aged for 3 months).

Courtesy of Serendipity3

For the presentation, these fussy fries are served on a Baccarat crystal Arabesque Plate and Bowl and sprinkled with 23K edible gold dust.

We're not sure how they'd handle in a GrubHub delivery, but the point is clearly to dazzle. Serendipity3 Creative Director Chef Joe Calderone and Chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert, Corporate Executive Chef, have dubbed the world's most expensive fries the "Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites." Sounds accurate.

If you're trying to talk your crew into trying these fries, the upshot is that with heavy ingredients like truffle oil and goose fat, this rich dish seems like a prime one to split.

Along with word that Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on set of the new Sex and the City reboot (eating one of our favorite snacks, the slightly more down-to-earth Icelandic Provisions yogurt), this totally has us feeling early 2000s "I heart New York" vibes.

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