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The World's Biggest Sandwich Chain Is Discontinuing Popular Sauces and Dressings, Say Employees

Subway's shifting strategy on condiments has some sandwich artists (and customers) dishing scoop online.

Subway's tuna may have been under fire in recent months, but it seems their condiments are still extremely favored—so much that some Subway customers haven't missed clues that certain sauces and dressings are suddenly disappearing from the sandwich assembly counter at the world's biggest fast-food chain. As customers ask what's up with the recent vanishing of their favorite sandwich toppings, insiders confirm that Subway is starting to put the squeeze on some of its sauces.

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It started with Caesar.


This week, Reddit user u/cthalo asked: "Is Subway discontinuing any of its dressings?"

The user continued: "I've recently tried to order my favorite sandwich only to be told the store didn't have Caesar dressing . . . I was worried it might get discontinued."

It sounds like this isn't the only dressing this Subway customer pines for, as they added, "Also I extremely miss my previous favorite with creamy Italian dressing."

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"We will be discontinuing it in our stores."

subway meat
Courtesy of Subway

In response, u/noneknown—whose answer suggests they're a Subway employee—said: "It's not a required sauce anymore. It's a store optional sauce. Once we run out of our stock of it, we will be discontinuing it in our stores. So if you have more than 1 subway around you, you might find it at a different store. [sic]"

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The next voice revealed some reasoning.

Subway sandwich artist making sub
Prachana Thong-on/Shutterstock

U/yknowlikenia chimed in, suggesting the diminishing presence of caesar dressing may simply be due to the most practical influence: Low volume used. "Our store has not discontinued its Caesar dressing, but we barely sell one sandwich with it per week if it's bottled," u/yknowlikenia said, "so it's often the one dressing that expires and gets tossed out. If we are having an especially slow week, it is unlikely that we'll have it ready (and it often doesn't feel very worth it to make a new bottle just for one sandwich)."

Cheers for less food waste.

Other Subway sauces and dressings that some stores are scrapping…


U/UvUlee said that at their store, the Subway vinaigrette has been discontinued. "I have to tell people multiple times in a day that we discontinued it. We replaced it with a parm vingerette but its not as popular," the user said, noting: "We still have the caeser dressing though [sic]."

U/thegoldendoritos added, "At my store, people keep asking for the subway sauce which has been discontinued for years. [sic]"

U/baileyvvenus said their delivery truck "hasn't brought us chipotle in a while."

Finally, u/yknowlikenia said that creamy sriracha has never been available in their stores—suggesting customers have developed more of a taste for classic buffalo sauce instead.

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A possible alternative to the dwindling Subway caesar dressing:

subway sandwiches
Subway/ Facebook

U/Professional-Tiger35 suggested some Subway sandwich artists have discovered a hack to duplicating the Caesar dressing: "It's honestly just ranch with a bit more oil. Before we had the peppercorn ranch people would put Caesar in the ranch bottles all the time."

All this to say that if you're headed to Subway, consider their recent changes before you get your heart set on a certain sauce.

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