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This Supplement Combination May Help Reduce Risk of Cancer, Says Study

Less isn't more in this case.

You've most likely heard of some of the potential health benefits of taking supplements like omega-3 or vitamin D, especially for healthy aging. And while these have been proven to be helpful on their own, one recent study showed that two is sometimes better than one.

In this study, which was published in Frontiers in Aging, researchers set out to find how omega-3, vitamin D, and strength training at home could help reduce cancer risk. What they discovered was that all of these factors can help lower your risk individually, but combining all three methods helped reduce the risk of cancer by 61%.

This research took place over three years and involved over 2,000 participants, all of which were over the age of 70 and considered healthy at the beginning of the study. The researchers studied the effects of each individual factor (2000 IU per day of vitamin D, one gram of omega-3s, and at-home strength exercises), as well as the effects of combining two out of the three, and all three.

Both the individual factors and the combination of two saw positive results, but combining all three saw the biggest reduction effects by far. And while more research needs to be done before too many conclusions are drawn, these results are very promising for cancer reduction tactics.

Omega-3s, vitamin D, and exercise

closeup hand holding vitamin D in front of sunshine

Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to help reduce inflammation and help improve your heart and brain health. Not only that, but some research has shown that omega-3s can potentially slow down or stop cells from turning into cancerous cells.

Vitamin D is also important for your body's overall health. It has been known to help with your bone health, your immunity, and even your mental health. On top of that, it has been found to help prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Several studies have found a connection between more physical activity and reducing the risk of certain cancers, which can be due to many reasons like lowering inflammation, helping to manage weight, improving digestive health, lowering blood sugar and insulin, and improving your immune system.

All three of these factors can improve your health in many ways, with this new study even showing that they may have the potential to help reduce your risk of cancer individually. However, knowing that the combination of all three has the most significant effect is promising for the future of cancer prevention.

Samantha Boesch
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