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Trader Joe's Is Discontinuing These 4 Beloved Items

Say a bittersweet goodbye to these favorites.

Shifting seasons inspire change in more ways than one! Though things come and go, Trader Joe's has been no stranger to the concept. The California-based grocery chain offers a plethora of options, but now multiple items are expected to leave the shelves, proving that all good things must eventually come to an end.

It's never the right time to say goodbye to these yummy finds, but Instagram user @traderjoestobediscontinued keeps shoppers updated about products that will be no longer be sold by the grocery chain. Check out these four Trader Joe's items whose time on shelves is coming to an end.

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Ginger Turmeric Granola

trader joes ginger turmeric granola

When @traderjoestobediscontinued announced the end of the Ginger Turmeric Granola, most commenters reacted with disbelief.

Inside the package contained rolled oats, coconut pieces, and candied ginger. According to Trader Joe's official website, you can "Eat it out of hand. Enjoy it in a bowl … or, layer it with frozen mango purée and Greek Yogurt for a golden parfait." The granola used to retail for $3.49, and if you ask the chain, "For this price, you really can't granola wrong …"

Pub Cheese

pub cheese

On Oct. 13 @traderjoestobediscontinued shared that "The Blue Cheese Pub Cheddar is soon to be discontinued." Often paired with crackers or celery, the spread will no longer be available to shoppers soon. Fans are devastated. One Instagram user even expressed that " … now it's personal."

"I think the flavors mix really well!" stated Reddit user @SimplyBohemian, who enjoyed the blue cheese taste back when it was still on shelves. While the plain pub cheese flavor is a crowd favorite for those in this thread, they noted that the spread was "Much more blue initially and finishes stronger on the cheddar."

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Chile Lime Mayonnaise

trader joes chile lime mayonnaise

The Chile Lime Mayonnaise is one of Trader Joe's exclusive seasonal products that are only available during the summer, so it makes this list of items being discontinued. The spread contains a "spicy kick" that, according to the chain's website, is made with " … ancho chile pepper powder and chipotle pepper powder for a spicy kick, our supplier also folds a bit of lime juice."

The spread can be added to "hamburger buns or hot dogs,… crisp coleslaw, drizzle on fish tacos … or grilled corn," but only for a little while longer before it's gone for the winter.

Organic Buffalo Hummus

organic buffalo style hummus
Tara T./ Yelp

Unlike other items in this list, the impending departure of TJ's Organic Buffalo Hummus was met with mixed reactions from @traderjoestobediscontinue's post.

On one hand, some users noted dislike for the hummus, with one user commenting that "I strongly disliked this." On the other hand, the hummus will be greatly missed by others like one who stated that "nooooo this was my favorite w cucumbers 😔😔😔".

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