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This Baking Ingredient Sold at Walmart Is Being Recalled After Customer Complaints

The item was sold exclusively at America's largest retail chain.

If you recently baked at home after purchasing a seasonal ingredient at America's largest retail chain, it's possible that one of the ingredients in your shopping cart may have contained an undeclared allergen.

Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips from Lily's Sweets, which were sold exclusively at Walmart, are being recalled, according to a new announcement posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you have a severe allergy or sensitivity to soy, you should not eat them.

Lily's said it initiated the recall following consumer reports of white candy pieces inside of the 7-ounce pouches of baking chips. The disc-shaped candies contained soy lecithina known allergenand additional ingredients not included on the packaging. In total, more than 18,800 cases of this baking ingredient are involved in the recall. 

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Walmart Lily's Baking Chips Peppermint
Courtesy of the FDA

"We have determined that the error occurred at a co-manufacturer," the company said in the announcement posted by the FDA. "There have been no reports of illness or injury to date. Lily's is voluntarily recalling the product out of an abundance of caution."

While no illnesses or injuries have been reported, symptoms of a soy allergy or sensitivity include hives or itching in and around the mouth, according to the Mayo Clinic. It could cause a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Impacted items may still be lurking in kitchen pantries, so take a moment to check your baking supplies for this product. They have a UPC code of 8-10003-46159-9 and lot code dates between 01/24/2023 and 02/04/2023. If you purchased this product, you can request a full refund by filling out this contact form

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