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This Is The Worst Coffee-Buying Mistake, Say Experts

Going this route means you may be missing out on a ton of flavors and aromas.

Coffee is a very personal experience, and recent data shows that our coffee rituals have only gotten more serious since the start of the pandemic. But of all the ways we take our coffee, experts have revealed that there's one type of coffee to buy for at-home use that yields the greatest flavor… and aroma.

HuffPost asked a small handful of experts—including roasters and coffee quality pros—to explain the art of making the perfect cup of Joe, and they all agree that when you're looking for the most flavorful coffee, there's one must: Buying whole coffee beans rather than ground coffee ensures the greatest flavor.

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For true coffee devotees, this may not be a shock… but the reasons are fascinating. Scott Buyington, a co-founder of Denver's Queen City Collective Coffee, told HuffPost: "A lot of taste comes from smell." (Yes!) "The grinding process starts to release a lot of those aromatics … so if you release the aromatics before you try the coffee, the taste is going to be more diminished, dull, and flat."

Coffee roaster and quality control pro Summer Zhang weighed in, too:

"Freshly grinding whole bean coffee is better than drinking ground because the aromatic molecules will volatilize after grinding, and the exposed surface area of coffee increases significantly, resulting in faster oxidation. When it begins to oxidize, it starts to lose flavors. The coffee starts to oxidize whenever it comes in contact with air, there is not a certain amount of time when it starts being noticeable―it's different depending on the coffee."

So, if you want your coffee to taste the best it possibly can at home, what it all drips down to is buying whole coffee beans (and a cheap coffee grinder if you don't already own one), then taking that extra minute to grind them each morning. What you'll get is bigger payoffs in both taste and smell, and a whole lot more flavor than just buying coffee that's already ground.

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