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Forget Roses—Instead, Give Your Lover a Bouquet of Breadsticks From Olive Garden

As well as some complimentary mints to repel the garlic breath.

Olive Garden is offering another way—an arguably better way—for you to show your love for someone this Valentine's Day. The secret? Win them over with a breadstick bouquet.

Starting Thursday, Feb. 13, Olive Garden is giving you the chance to pick up one of these garlicky bouquets for the first time in-restaurant after its success online last year. They're the same fluffy, flavorful, starchy delights that you can always get at the Italian-American restaurant chain, but during this month they pack an extra pinch of love. But for real, the packaging says "My love for you is never ending." You literally can't get more transparent than that.

And while a bouquet of flowers is always a special gift, they never last more than a few days. Sure, breadsticks don't last that long either, but what they do offer is a much more satisfying experience. Think about it—you get to smell, eat, savor, and pair them with pasta. What better dish to enjoy at your Valentine's Day dinner with your sweetheart than a heaping plate of pasta?

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Imagine, sharing a plate of pasta over a candlelit dinner with a vase full of breadsticks adorning the table. Now, if going out to a restaurant isn't your style, there's another way for you to enjoy this romantic carb-loaded dinner. For those who prefer to stay in and sport their favorite fuzzy socks, they can choose to indulge in Olive Garden's Valentine's Day special: a ToGo Dinner for Two that starts at $34.99 (the Chicken Alfredo costs an additional $6) and includes the bouquet of bread.

Here's what's included in the ToGo Dinner.

  • Breadsticks & soup or salad
  • Dipping sauce for starters: Five Cheese Marinara or Alfredo
  • Shareable entrée for two: Five Cheese Ziti al Forno or Chicken Alfredo
  • Shareable dessert: Black Tie Mousse Cake or Tiramisu

Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquet is without a doubt enough to seal the deal, but the real icing on the cake? The chocolate mint box that comes with the meal to be enjoyed after dessert.

Behold, the perfect way to mask the inevitable garlic breath on the most romantic day of the year.

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