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Popeyes Is Launching 2 Exciting New Chicken Sandwiches Today

The chain just quadrupled its sandwich menu.
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Popeyes' iconic chicken sandwich has been a mainstay on the chain's menu ever since it debuted in 2019 to massive customer hype. Demand for the menu item was so intense back then that locations nationwide kept selling out and it wasn't uncommon to see lines of cars snaking around Popeyes' parking lots to get a taste of one. Though the chicken sandwich frenzy isn't quite as fierce nowadays, the chain just gave customers two new reasons to get excited again.

Popeyes is permanently adding its Blackened Chicken Sandwich to the menu starting today and giving customers the option to turn any chicken sandwich on the menu into a bacon and cheese chicken sandwich. The Blackened Chicken sandwich is a lighter alternative that swaps the breaded fillet for a marinated chicken breast seasoned with cajun spices. This sandwich, which first launched for a limited time in May 2021 and returned to menus for another temporary run in November 2022, has 550 calories versus the classic sandwich's 700.

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Now that it's back for good, the Blackened Chicken Sandwich will be the first permanent addition to Popeyes' chicken sandwich lineup since it launched in 2019. These sandwiches, which are served with barrel-cured pickles and classic or spicy mayo on a toasted brioche bun, will start at $4.99 and be available at restaurants nationwide. The bacon and cheese add-on, which comes with Havarti cheese, will start at $1.50 and can be added to any sandwich.  Though note that the additions will add about 130 calories to your chosen sandwich.

Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich and bacon and cheese sandwiches
Courtesy of Popeyes

To celebrate these new menu additions, Popeyes will give customers an extra regular side for free when they order a chicken sandwich combo through the website or app. This offer will be available today through June 25.

Since Popeyes introduced the chicken sandwich in 2019, new flavor extensions for the popular menu item have been rare. The chain introduced a Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich slathered with Buffalo ranch sauce in 2022, but it was only available for a limited time. Before the Blackened Chicken Sandwich and bacon and cheese add-on hit menus today, Popeyes' complete sandwich line consisted of the Classic Chicken Sandwich and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The chain now has eight different chicken sandwich combos available on the site.

These additions don't come as a complete surprise after Popeyes hinted at some exciting menu innovations last month. In early May, the chain unveiled its new "Easy to Love" growth strategy, a key tenet of which was expanding the menu and building on the success of iconic items like the bone-in fried chicken and chicken sandwiches. Popeyes is also working on making its kitchens easier to run and developing modern, more convenient restaurants as part of the strategy.

In other Popeyes news, the chicken chain debuted sweet Strawberry Biscuits drizzled with icing in late March and brought back Ghost Pepper Wings as a permanent menu item last month.

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