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5 Immunity-Boosting Supplements Selling Out Right Now

COVID-19 is making people think healthier — and sales of these supplements prove it.

Cleaning effectively is essential right now. Not only is it important in your home and for you and your family (through washing your hands thoroughly), but restaurants and other public places that are opening back up after lockdown are taking it seriously, too in order to keep things safe. Another way of protecting yourself right now is to nourish your body.

Recent data released from IRI Worldwide shows that people bought vitamins and supplements like crazy during the last few weeks of March and into April. Consumers wanted natural remedies to boost their immune system and reduce stress. Here are the top five supplements people turned to.



Shiitake mushroom on wooden table

Sales of mushroom supplements went up 674% during the week ending on March 22, and a whopping 876% during the week ending on April 19 compared to this time last year. Mushroom supplements are full of antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. They are also anti-inflammatory which can help aid in digestion. Their popularity has gone up in recent years, and clearly that trend is going to continue.

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Black Seed (Cumin)


Cumin supplements are great for helping the body get more iron and to keep digestion flowing smoothly. They can also help control cholesterol levels and also help reduce inflammation, according to Healthline. Consumers wanted more of this in their diets and bought black seed a lot after the pandemic started. Sales went up 323% the week ending on March 22 and 276% the week ending on April 19. If you are looking for a plant-based dinner that incorporates all the benefits and taste of cumin, try out this Middle Eastern Chickpea and Cauliflower Stew.



A bottle of homemade elderberry syrup

You may have heard how Elderberry has become a popular immune-boosting supplement. Sales during March and April confirm that the trend is still here — sales went up 312% and 426% in the two weeks the data represented. Elderberry supplements are proven to help reduce flu symptoms and contain a large amount of fiber and vitamin C.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin c effervescent tablet spilling out of white plastic bottle

Speaking of vitamin C, this immunity-favorite flew off the shelves 190% more the week ending on March 22 and 243% more the week ending on April 19 compared to last year. There are lots of foods naturally high in it, like pineapple, kale, red bell peppers, and guava, but additional supplements are a safe way to ensure you're getting the recommended amount. Be sure to stay under 2,000 mg, though, or you could get diarrhea, according to the Mayo Clinic.



sick woman sitting on the bed wrapped in a white blanket and drink hot tea.

This popular herbal supplement is used to treat colds and the flu in the form of a tea or in capsules, and it could help strengthen the immune system, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Sales of this supplement went up 164% by March 22 and 221% by April 19.

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