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Sam's Club's Luxurious New Advent Calendar Costs a Whopping $3,799

These high-end calendars may appeal to members who want to splurge this holiday season.

The days when Advent calendars were only filled with milk chocolate are long gone—and nothing demonstrates that better than the latest holiday item to drop at Sam's Club.

The warehouse club just started selling ultra-luxurious new Advent calendars filled with real pieces of fine jewelry, giving its members a high-end way to count down the days leading up to Christmas. Customers currently have two options available to them: a 12-day calendar and a 25-day calendar.

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Sam's Club 12 Day Fine Jewelry Advent Calendar
Sam's Club

While the jewelry assortment varies between the two types of Advent calendars, both options come with necklaces, earrings, and chains made with 14-karat gold, sterling silver, or various gemstones. 

Sam's Club 25 Day Fine Jewelry Advent Calendar earrings
Sam's Club

The 25-day calendar, for example, comes with yellow gold huggie hoop earrings studded with freshwater cultured pearls, while the 12-day calendar comes with yellow gold earrings adorned with freshwater cultured pearls and diamonds. The online listings for the calendars include full breakdowns of which jewelry pieces come with each option, so customers who want more details should make sure to check out the Sam's Club website

Sam's Club 12 Day Fine Jewelry Advent Calendar earrings
Sam's Club

The 12-day calendar is currently priced at $1,933 online and the 25-day calendar is priced at a whopping $3,799. While there's no denying that paying thousands for an Advent calendar is pretty pricey, the new Sam's Club calendars still might appeal to shoppers who want to splurge on a loved one for the holidays or expand their jewelry collections.

Sam's Club also claims that customers can score big savings by purchasing the Advent calendars rather than buying the jewelry pieces individually. Per the retailer's website, members can save $250 when purchasing the 12-day calendar or save $500 when purchasing the 25-day calendar. 

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Unfortunately for those who don't currently have a Sam's Club membership, only bonafide cardholders can purchase these high-end Advent calendars. Still, non-members have a wide array of exciting Advent calendars to choose from at other retailers this holiday season.

Discount grocer Aldi recently dropped a wide selection of Advent calendars ahead of the winter holiday season. The lineup includes calendars filled with booze, Belgian chocolates, cheese, coffee, hot sauces, dog treats, and even Legos.

Trader Joe's shoppers also began spotting the retailer's seasonal Advent calendars back in stores late last month. Each calendar comes with 24 pieces of milk chocolate that come in seasonal shapes and are made with what Trader Joe's says is "a generous amount of melt-in-your-mouth cocoa butter." 

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