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The Secret Dessert Trick For a Flat Belly, Says Expert

Satisfy that sweet tooth and keep down the bloat!

Don't get us wrong—we are huge fans of dessert. Having dessert as a part of your balanced nutritious meal plan can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals—especially given that restriction and fad diets don't actually work long term. However, there are some types of desserts that may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. That's why this dessert "trick" can be helpful to keep your belly flat and free from bloating, while still satisfying that sweet tooth at the end of the day.

This trick is courtesy of Chef Nik Fields, one of our expert board members and owner of the Chic Chef Co. She keeps a close eye on the latest nutrition reports and health food trends in order to serve her customers the best products—including a new line of olive oils and balsamic vinegars through her store. Her dessert trick for a flat belly is simple—turn to superfoods.

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"Stay away from desserts with flour, buttermilk, and sugar," says Chef Nik. "Instead replace them with nuts and fruits that contain natural sugar or superfoods. Honey agave or fruit-infused vinegars are always a treat."

While there's nothing necessarily wrong with enjoying desserts that are heavier with refined flours, buttermilk, and sugar once in a blue moon, having them on a regular basis—and in large quantities—can cause bloating in your stomach. So if you're looking for a dessert that will leave you feeling satisfied and keep your belly flat, look for desserts that are naturally sweetened.

"Examples of these desserts are fruit sorbets or granitas, nut bars or fruit topped with a little agave," says Chef Nik.

A few other great examples of these types of desserts include Fruit-Packed Mexican Paletas, Grilled Apricots, Coconut Fruit Tart, Banana Coconut "Nice" Cream, Strawberry Rhubarb Ice, and Date Squares.

If you're more of a chocolate person, you can always rely on the sweetness and richness of dark chocolate with your dessert. Some of our favorites include these Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Clusters, these Chocolate Dipped Bananas, and these Poached Pears with Spiced Chocolate Sauce. Plus, dark chocolate even gives you a boost in fiber and antioxidants!

Do you still have a sweet tooth? Another trick Chef Nik recommends is adding a pinch of salt to your fruit. Studies show that adding salt to your fruit can actually make the fruit taste sweeter.

"It makes fruit sweeter without adding additional sweeteners," says Chef Nik.

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