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4 Standing Exercises That Melt Inner Thigh Fat

Melt unwanted flab and reveal tight, toned legs.
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Whether you dread going to the gym or simply want to be more efficient with your workouts, standing exercises are here to slay all day, every day. The benefits of standing exercises are aplenty. You don't need any fancy equipment in order to perform them (other than a set of lightweight dumbbells and a resistance band, in some cases). Plus, you can do standing exercises wherever you happen to be. In addition, this type of training is ultra-effective at targeting your workout goals, whether that's stripping away belly fat, building "dancer arms," or sculpting lean, trim legs. We're here today with Luke Elion, a NASM-certified physical trainer specializing in strength training, HIIT, powerlifting, and hypertrophy, who dishes out four of the best standing exercises that melt inner thigh fat.

"The ability to train anywhere with just your body weight helps you burn more calories, and in turn, eventually lose more fat," Elion says. Below are Elion's top four standing exercises that melt inner thigh fat. You'll need a loop resistance band for one of them, and the rest only require working with your body weight. Keep reading to learn all about these fat-melting standing exercises, and when you're finished, don't miss The 5 Best Exercises to Tone Your Thighs in One Month.


woman doing bodyweight squats

"The first exercise is the squat, which actively targets a large majority of the thigh muscles," Elion says. "Using a stance that is greater than hip-width will be the key to activating the inner thigh muscle more in this exercise."

To set up, stand tall, and place your feet shoulder-distance apart. Clasp your hands at your heart's center or lengthen them ahead of you. Bend both knees, and press your hips back to lower into a squat. Descend until your thighs reach a parallel position to the floor or lower, making sure your knees don't travel over your toes. Push away from the floor to return to the start position.

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woman doing backwards lunge without weights

"Forward or backward, the lunge puts unilateral pressure on the thigh, thus activating more muscles across the entire leg," Elion explains.

Begin by stepping one foot forward to assume a split stance. Keep your chest tall, bend both knees, and lower into a lunge. Push through your front heel to rise back up. Repeat the same motion on your other side.

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Banded Lateral Walks

resistance band side steps

"One of my favorite exercises for the inner thigh is a banded lateral walk," Elion tells us. "The added resistance around your knees has your body create more force and muscular tension through your groin and inner thigh. This one will burn after a couple of rounds!"

Start by placing the resistance band just above your knees and planting your feet hip-distance apart. Assume a half squat, and step your right foot out to the side. Continue to step to the right as you feel the resistance band doing its work. Then, do the same motion on your left side.

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Lateral Lunges

lateral lunge in strength training workout

Last but not least on Elion's list of standing exercises to melt inner thigh fat is the lateral lunge. "Another excellent choice for your inner thigh repertoire is a cossack squat or a lateral lunge," Elion says. "This is an awesome exercise with body weight or added weight for advanced individuals."

Begin by planting your feet hip-distance apart. Take a step out to the side with your right foot. Press your hips back as you lower to your right side into a lateral lunge. Descend until your thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Step your right foot back into the center, and then step your left foot out to repeat.

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