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PSA: Taco Bell Is Releasing Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries Nationwide

It's like a sports bar's app menu, all crammed into one decadent dish.

If you played a round of Mad Libs and three categories were [delicious bar food], [delicious bar food], and [delicious bar food], you'd probably end up with something like Taco Bell's latest creation: buffalo chicken nacho fries.

Yes, starting January 30, you'll be able to head to your local Taco Bell and order an amalgamation of any sports bar's appetizer menu. The dish is, for all intents and purposes, exactly what the name implies. You get French fries as a base, with all the traditional fast food nacho toppings (pico de gallo, sour cream, plastic nacho cheese sauce). From there, the fries are topped with a handful of shredded chicken, and the whole thing is drenched in buffalo sauce.

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It's not the first time this mishmash of bar food staples has popped up at Taco Bell. In July 2019, the chain conducted a test run for buffalo chicken nacho fries in Memphis, Tennessee. (Clearly, the test was quite successful.) And nacho fries, of course, have had an on-again-off-again relationship with Taco Bell patrons for ages; they'll come and go like the tides, in various flavors of varying intensity. (Pour out a watered down Cantina margarita for the now-dead reaper ranch fries.) But this is the first time Taco Bell has made the product available nationwide.

Buffalo chicken nacho fries will be available a la carte for $2.99, or available as part of a box meal—alongside a five-layer beef burrito, a crunchy taco, and a medium soft drink—for $5.49. And for more from the fast food joint, read all about how Taco Bell Wants to Pay Up to $25,000 For You to Go to College.

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