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The Top Swap at Pizza Hut


In an attempt to push the menu beyond slices, Pizza Hut expanded into pastas, salads, and something called a P'Zone. Sound like an improvement? Think again. Calzone-like P'Zones all pack more than 1,000 calo- ries each. The salads aren't much better, and the pastas are actually worse. The thin crust and Fit 'N Delicious pizzas offer sub 200-calorie slices and the bone-in wings are a solid start to any meal. Combine those elements and you'll do just fine.

Eat This

All American Traditional Hot Wings (8)




20 g

Saturated Fat

6 g



Not That!

Meat Lover's Pizza (1 slice, 14" large pan pizza)




28 g

Saturated Fat

10 g



We know, it's called Pizza Hut. But we have a point here: You could eat an entire plateful of wings and still not reach the calorie count of a single slice of most of the Hut's specialty pies. We'd rather have the wings. As for the Meat Lover's: You can love meat without taking in half a day's saturated fat with one slice of pizza. Specialty pizzas are an excuse to go crazy with a ton of high-fat toppings that do virtually nothing for flavor and increase your calorie load considerably. At Pizza Hut, don't be a Lover, be a fighter.

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