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The Worst Cocktail To Drink This Summer, According to an Expert

A mixologist gives us the lowdown.

Summer is practically here, which means it's time to bust out the cocktail shaker and whip up some refreshing drinks for you and your friends. Cocktails, unfortunately, can hide a lot of added sugars, between the mixers and flavored syrups. So, instead of blowing two day's worth of added sugars on a single beverage, why not try modifying your go-to cocktail recipe by swapping out that artificial mixer for a more natural one?

We turned to an expert mixologist to share tips on how you can make healthier, better-tasting cocktails all summer long. But first, here's the worst.

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What is the worst cocktail to drink this summer?

A sad, sugar-filled Moscow mule.

"The worst drink this summer is the one from your cheap friend who bought the budget ginger beer and served it with the premium vodka they got gifted," says Anthony Pullen, mixologist and vice president of trade at Q Mixers. "Enlighten your friend by bringing some decent ginger beer with you that is not laden with sugars. I suggest Q Mixers Ginger Beer. It is a simple fix to make a vastly better drink."

moscow mule

The amount of added sugars in ginger beer varies from brand to brand. For example, Barritt's Original Ginger Beer packs 49 grams of sugar per 12-ounce can and contains artificial sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup. By contrast, a 7.5-ounce can of Q Mixers Ginger Beer only has 20 grams of sugar, all of which come from a high-quality, natural sweetener: organic agave. Aside from ginger extract, the mixer is also spiced with coriander, chili pepper, cardamom, lime, and orange extracts.

Enough about Moscow mules. Let's talk about another classic cocktail, the gin & tonic.

"For those heading on holiday, you may get an overpriced gin and tonic at the airport bar that's served from a soda gun that probably hasn't been cleaned for a while," says Pullen. "Nothing like a syrupy sweet and flat drink to start your summer vacation right? Not to mention the bacteria."

Instead, the mixologist recommends you upgrade to a premium, bottled tonic and ask for some fresh-cut citrus to kickstart your vacay. (P.S. Q Mixers also sells tonic water!) So do you feel ready to elevate your cocktail experience this summer? Why not (literally) shake things up?

"After all, you deserve a first-class drink after the last year or so," says Pullen.

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