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Does the Viral StairMaster Workout Help You Lose More Weight? An Expert Weighs In

A fitness pro reveals if this popular routine will step up your weight loss game.

If you're always in the know about the latest and greatest fitness trends, you've likely heard about the viral "25-7-2" StairMaster workout that's taking TikTok by storm. The trend has individuals putting on their athleticwear, lacing up their sneakers, and heading to their local gyms to spend quality time with the StairMaster. The hope is to burn calories, rake up some steps, and get fit. The viral fitness routine, which was created by TikTok user @shutupcamilla, may have you wondering whether you can lose more weight while doing it when compared to regular, steady-state cardio that's not performed at an incline. We chatted with a pro who spills the tea, so keep reading to learn more. And next up, don't miss This Stair Climber Workout Will Help You Sculpt Lean Thighs.

Does the viral StairMaster workout help you lose more weight?

woman close-up using stair climber at gym to melt belly fat fast

Let's be honest: Viral fitness trends can come with a bit of skepticism—and for good reason. Are they legit or something you shouldn't waste your time on if you're looking to lose weight? After all, your schedule at the gym is precious. That's why we did the hard work for you and chatted with Katie Kollath, ACE CPT and cofounder of Barpath Fitness, who shares everything you need to know about the viral "25-7-2" StairMaster workout.

This routine itself is quite simple. It requires you to hop on the StairMaster, set it to level 7, and climb for a total of 25 minutes. Complete the workout two times each week. That's it! But what does this workout actually accomplish?

According to Kollath, completing this TikTok routine will only help you torch a greater amount of calories if you haven't already been doing it on a regular basis. "Any new stimulus will burn more calories at first, but your body will always adapt to whatever stimulus you're doing," she explains. "So, if you want to continue to burn more calories after a couple of months doing this workout trend, you will either need to increase activity elsewhere or do the StairMaster workouts for longer." Regardless, this viral routine is an awesome one to be consistent with to help you get up and active during the week.

Typically, performing a cardio workout at an incline will bump up the intensity of said cardio session and boost your heart rate. Kollath says, "You can potentially burn more calories this way if you haven't been doing this regularly. Any cardio activity done at an incline will provide some stimulus to the legs, so you can potentially build a little lower body strength by doing so as you initially get started with your incline cardio routine."

You've heard the scoop straight from a fitness pro—now head to your gym, and test out the viral StairMaster workout for yourself!

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