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Fanta's Newest Mystery Flavor Will Turn Your Tongue Black

This secretive flavor might be one of the most eye-popping Fanta creations yet.
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Fanta is already one of the most visually striking brands in the drink aisle thanks to its iconic vibrant-hued sodas. However, the latest Fanta beverage might be one of the brand's most eye-popping creations yet.

In honor of the fast-approaching Halloween season, Fanta is currently rolling out a brand-new drink that's black in color, a major departure from the ultra-bright sodas the brand is known for. Aside from revealing that it has zero sugar, Fanta is keeping most details about the new drink under a tight lid.

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That secrecy extends to the actual flavor of the drink, which will remain a mystery so that fans can try to guess it themselves. Just be warned: Fanta says that the spooky beverage will turn your tongue black when you drink it.

What the Fanta? fall 2023 flavor
Courtesy of Fanta

The new flavor is part of the "What the Fanta?" campaign that parent company Coca-Cola announced in the summer of 2022. The campaign has seen Coca-Cola release a series of mystery sodas with flavors and colors all designed to "fool the senses and challenge tastebuds with opposite flavor notes." As with the new Halloween-themed soda, Fanta has invited customers to guess its mystery flavors on social media with every What the Fanta? launch.

For instance, the very first What the Fanta? flavor was a bright blue beverage that customers said tasted similar to an orange creamsicle or cream soda.

The new Halloween drink is only one aspect of the latest What the Fanta? launch. Fanta has teamed up with designer and content creator Nava Rose to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume inspired by the Halloween soda. Customers can also scan a QR code on the drink's packaging to enter a secretive, interactive What the Fanta? experience on the Fanta website.

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The Halloween Fanta is hitting shelves right now and will only be available for a limited time, so anyone interested in trying it should act quickly before it disappears for good. The drink will be available in 20-ounce bottles, 7.5-ounce mini cans, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, and frozen formulations in the United States. Customers can use the Fanta website to find where the beverage is up for sale.

The announcement for the new mystery soda comes just a few months after Coca-Cola gave a major flavor upgrade to its signature Fanta flavor: Fanta Orange. The company tweaked the drink to make it "bolder and fruitier-tasting." It also debuted refreshed Fanta Orange packaging complete with a new logo and messaging on the label touting the improved taste.

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