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The Worst Foods You Should Never Grill

Step away from the bacon.

As summer is quickly approaching, you might be planning to finally dust off the grill and get to whipping up some meals that are perfect for, well, the summertime. There really is nothing like a little outdoor grilling action. While so many things taste better grilled, there are some foods you should never put on a grill.

Whether for safety reasons or because you'll be sacrificing flavor, these foods are better kept far away from your grill grates. And for more food fun, don't miss these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.


crispy bacon on a pan on grill

You might think that the grill would make perfectly crispy bacon. But grilling bacon is a safety hazard! The grease spatters are flammable, and you don't want them getting near your grill flame. Instead, try cooking your bacon in the oven.

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burger and fries

We're sorry to break it to you, but the age-old American ideal of flipping burgers in the backyard isn't the best way. Burgers are better cooked in cast-iron pans. The reason? When you grill burgers, a lot of the fat and meat juices actually end up dripping away, according to Chef Daniel Wilson, founder of Australia's Huxtaburger restaurants and author of The Burger Lab: The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger.

Peeled Shrimp

grilled shrimp

Grilling shrimp that's still in its shell is great. But don't put the peeled variety on your grill. "Shrimp flesh is too susceptible to drying out when introduced to a hot grill, whether marinated or not," Ford Fry, chef, and owner of Little Rey in Atlanta, Georgia, told Bloomberg.

Filet Mignon

grilled filet mignon

Filet mignon is best cooked with garlic butter in a cast-iron pan. Flank steak is a better option for grilling.

Pork Chops

grilled pork chop

Pork chops can dry out easily, which means they're not the best meat option for grilling, Insider explains. Instead, try them in one of these 20 Pork Chop Recipes.

Red and Green Leaf Lettuce

heads of red leaf lettuce

Grilled romaine is a classic summer food, but be wary of putting other types of lettuce on the grill. "Many greens such as Boston lettuce, red leaf, and green leaf, retain a lot of water, and they just wilt. Also, radicchio gets more bitter on a grill," Roberto Deiaco, executive chef at Avena Downtown in New York City, told Bloomberg.

Flaky Fish

grilled swordfish

The last thing you want is fish that sticks to your grill and flakes off before you get to eat it. To prevent this, use cedar planks or grill your fish atop citrus slices.

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