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7 Worst Mistakes You Shouldn't Make During Your City's Reopening

Restrictions are starting to loosen in some cities, but you want to make sure you're still staying safe.

Slowly but surely, cities are starting to reopen and it's only a matter of time before you feel like you're fully prepared to emerge back into normal life. While just about everyone is anxious to get back to how life used to be, it's important to keep in mind that things will be different. And you want to make sure you're doing your part to keep yourself and others safe when your city reopens.

Below, we break down the worst mistakes you should avoid making as your city reopens. And to make sure you don't miss any latest updates, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox!

You stop wearing a face mask.

woman put on a fabric handmade mask on her face

Just because you're given the OK to head outside more often now besides just going on a grocery store run, you still want to make sure you're wearing a face mask. COVID-19 is still very much present and as we all know, it's spread via respiratory droplets. So if you have the mask on, this will minimize the risk of being exposed, as all it takes is an infected person coughing, sneezing, or talking to transfer droplets.

You don't wash your hands as frequently.

hand sanitizer

Proper hand-washing shouldn't stop now that cities are beginning to loosen up restrictions. If anything, keeping your hands clean is even more important! Keep hand sanitizer with you for when you're out and about, as there's a good chance you might end up touching your face, which is how unwanted germs can get into your mouth and nose.

You flocks to overcrowded areas.

crowded bar seats

You might be tempted to pay a visit to all your favorite bars and restaurants right away, but you'll still want to be mindful of steering clear of places that are overly crowded. Social distancing should still be practiced, so if you are dining out or grabbing a drink, just make sure the establishment is keeping crowds under control and capping the amount of people let in.

You touch everything.

touching everything

Cities reopening is exciting, but we're not in the clear just yet. So it's not ideal to go around touching things you don't need to be touching. While you're shopping, it's still a good idea to stick with the "look with your eyes and not your hands" concept and just limit the amount of surfaces you touch. And be careful when it comes to touching your face, too, as limiting your exposure to germs is still your best bet.

You stop your at-home workouts.

home video workout

Yes, you miss the gym. We get it. But for now, it's best that you still keep doing those workouts you've perfected at home for the time being, as gyms are a breeding ground for, well, germs. In fact, a study published in early 2020 found that 25 percent of the surfaces tested in four different athletic training rooms had flu virus bacteria present. Yikes.

You take the kids to the playground.

Couple with face mask stuck in airport terminal

While taking a walk in the park has been something many people and their families have taken part in during the pandemic, letting the kids in your life get back on the playgrounds is something you don't want to do quite yet. Even as restrictions are being lifted, it's unclear if those playgrounds are being properly sanitized and think about it, small children are notorious for putting their hands in their mouths. It only takes a few seconds for germs to spread on a playground.

You think everywhere is back up and running.

woman outdoor wearing medical face mask, social distancing, sitting on a bench, isolated from other people

Restrictions are being lifted, but it's obvious the world is still fighting the battle against coronavirus. Not every business will be open its usual times or operating with its typical staff size, so it might take a few extra minutes for you to get that Starbucks drink you order as you wait in a socially-distant line outside. You're still walking out into a world that is being careful and taking precautions, so it's not life as you knew it just yet. Be patient and be mindful—everyone is eager to get back to how things once were, but for now, it's a work in progress.

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