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Why You Shouldn't Order the Iced Tea at McDonald's

Your Healthy Tip for the Day

SHOCKING: The average piece of chicken has 266% more fat than it did in 1971, while its protein content dropped one-third.

AFP: Drinking Coffee May Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

"People who drink four to six cups of coffee daily may be less likely to get multiple sclerosis, according to international research out Thursday. 'Caffeine intake has been associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases,' said lead author Ellen Mowry of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland." Click here to read the full story.

ABC NEWS: McDonald's Customer Claims He Got Cleaning Liquid in His Tea

"An Indianapolis police officer took a sip of McDonald's iced tea over the weekend and wound up in the hospital because the drink apparently was contaminated with cleaning chemicals, his wife told ABC News." Click here to read the full story.

ADWEEK: Infographic: Here's Just How Much Crappy Beer Americans Are Drinking

"Sure, we Americans drink a whole lot of light beer, but do you realize just how much? The infographic from the team at alcohol-fueled site VinePair shows the staggering scope of mainstream beer sales—especially Bud Light, which tallies $3 billion more in sales than its closest competitor, Coors Light." Click here to read the full story.

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