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The Ultimate 10-Minute Incline Workout for Weight Loss

Torch more calories by going uphill.

Working out on an incline is an incredibly powerful tool when you're looking to lose weight. In fact, according to Lifespan Fitness, you can torch greater than 30% of extra calories by simply doing your exercise on an incline rather than exercising on level ground. How so? Well, an incline makes you work much harder to move and recruits many more muscles. To make this an easy process, we are here with the ultimate 10-minute incline workout for weight loss. Get ready to head uphill and drop some serious pounds!

The benefits of an incline workout and cardio:

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Whether you want to hit the pavement outside or prefer working out on a treadmill, walking and running are two of the easiest forms of exercise you can do. Cardio is so convenient to perform wherever and whenever it's most convenient to you. A treadmill also provides you with the opportunity to squeeze in a cardio session regardless of inclement weather. Plus, you can add in as many hills as you'd like!

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines prepared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adults should perform a minimum of 150 minutes each week of physical activity at a moderately intense level. Remember that it's not necessary to perform those 150 minutes on any given day; you can group the time any way that works best for you—just be sure to get that amount in each week. Harvard Health Publishing suggests performing your exercises in 10- or 15-minute chunks during your day. For instance, get in 15 minutes before you have breakfast, and check off another 15-minute session midday. Perform another 15 minutes later that afternoon or evening.

The more exercise you do, the better off you will be! The guidelines point out that if you kick up your workout to 300 minutes each week, you will experience even more goodness.

Does the Incline Walking Workout Help You Lose More Weight? An Expert Weighs In

Check out this 10-minute incline workout for weight loss.

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Tyler Read, the founder of and a personal trainer who has been involved in health and fitness for the past 15 years, shares with us a productive 10-minute incline workout for weight loss you can seamlessly work into your day. According to Read, "Incline treadmill work or hill work is great for weight loss and general fitness because it actually puts less strain on your joints—especially ankles and knees—since there is less eccentric component. However, it provides more concentric challenge with each step, meaning your muscles are working harder despite the reduced impact."

All you need to get started is a quick warm-up, and you're ready to roll! Below is Read's recommended course if you're looking to lose weight through incline cardio. Use good sense when it comes to exercising, and make sure you are able to safely perform these moves at an incline. When in doubt, it's always a smart decision to check in with a certified personal trainer to ensure this is the right routine for you.

Once you get used to a certain incline and time, you can add even more hill exercises and lengthen your workout accordingly. In fact, you can incorporate light dumbbells if you feel inclined to do so. (Pun intended!)

  • Warm up for two minutes of incline walking.
  • Complete two minutes of incline jogging to boost your heart rate and challenge your aerobic fitness.
  • Do two minutes of walking incline lunges at a low speed.
  • Perform side-stepping lunges for one minute per side, a total of two minutes.
  • Wrap up with two minutes of incline walking at a low speed.
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