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People Swear by the '4-1-1' Workout Method to Strip Away Body Fat

Melt pesky body fat with this well-rounded approach fitness pros love.

If you're into the numbered workout trend that's been going viral on social media—namely, TikTok—then you'll likely want to give the "4-1-1" workout method a try. People swear by it to strip away body fat in as little as six weeks—and for good reason. This regimen brings together strength training and cardio for the ultimate fat-melting combination that yields results. If you're curious about one of the latest numbered workouts in town, keep reading to learn all about the 4-1-1 workout method for fat loss. And when you're finished, be sure to check out People Swear by the '12-3-30' Workout for Weight Loss: 'I Lost 30 Pounds in 10 Weeks'.

What is the 4-1-1 workout method all about?

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If you're curious about the 4-1-1 workout method, let strength coach Nicole (Rauch) Winter (@nicolemwinter_ on TikTok) spill the fitness tea. One way to go about it is by performing four days of strength training, one day of running or cardio, and one day of full-body conditioning. Winter dubbed it "a mix of strength + cardio to get the best results" in one of her videos.

Strength coach Kelly Matthews revealed in a TikTok that she approaches the 4-1-1 method by completing four days of strength/hypertrophy-based exercises; one day of sprints, jumps, and conditioning; and one day of low-intensity, steady-state cardio.

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No matter the approach, this training method brings together strength and cardio. So now that you know what the routine is all about, what are the benefits? According to Tyler Read, BSc, CPT, the founder of and a personal trainer who has been involved in the health and fitness world for the past 15 years, "This regimen offers a balanced approach … The strength training builds muscle mass, boosting metabolism and enhancing your appearance. Sprinting, being a high-intensity workout, maximizes calorie burn and fat loss."

Read explains that this combination is an ultra-effective way to strip away unwanted body fat "by blending intensive exercises with recovery and muscle-building routines, providing a holistic approach to fitness."

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People are raving about the 4-1-1 workout method for fat loss.

Winter wrote in one of her TikTok videos (as she crushed alternating dumbbell thrusters), "Sis give me six weeks to transform your body. I'll show you [how] to drop fat fast and build lean muscle with 4-1-1 build x burn method. In two weeks you'll feel it. In four weeks you'll notice it. In six weeks you'll hear it from your friends asking to spill your workout routine."

Another TikToker, Maggie | Workouts for Women, advocated for the training method, writing in a video, "Girlies, if you're serious about losing fat, you need to do the 4-1-1 fat loss method."

You've heard it from the fitness pros themselves. If you're looking to melt pesky body fat and reveal a leaner, more toned body, performing a healthy balance of strength training and cardio is key. There are plenty of effective numbered workouts out there, but the 4-1-1 may just be an excellent place for you to start!

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