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60-Second Weight Loss Tips Celebs Swear By

Employ these A-list waist cinchers to help you stay slim and in shape.

Sure, they've got personal trainers, chefs, and a glam squad that keeps them looking their best. But even these A-list celebrities use fast and simple weight loss tricks to help them maintain their envy-worthy shape.

Don't believe it? To prove it's possible we've compiled the very best celeb weight loss tips out there—none of which take more than 60 seconds to implement. Scroll down to get in the know and start sculpting the body you want, then also check out these Top 10 Rules You Must Follow Every Day to Lose 10 Pounds!

Sip Tea

kendal jenner

"I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea," model and reality star Kendall Jenner told E! News. "I have like 12 cups a day."

More on this: Tea has been proven to boost metabolism, turn on your fat-burning hormones and help reduce stress—it's no wonder the top model always looks so trim and well rested. To lose weight like Jenner, see how test panelists lost 10 pounds in one week on The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse—available now on Amazon!

Load a Great Playlist

gwyneth paltrow

"Music is such a big part of my workouts; you've really got to feel the music and get into it. If you don't love the song you're not going to work your hardest," Gwyneth Paltrow told E! News.

More on this: Paltrow isn't imagining it. Listening to your favorite beats can really a difference in your workouts. In fact, in one study, upbeat music kept research participants running 15 percent longer and helped them feel more positive about their workout—even as they neared exhaustion. Take a minute to put together a killer playlist onto your iPhone or download a fitness-based music app like Spring.

Blend Up a Smoothie

jessica alba

"I feel good and have a lot of energy when I start my day off with a great smoothie," Jessica Alba told People StyleWatch. Go for high-fiber vegetables and stick to unsweetened milk or water and one or two fruits to keep the sugar content low.

More on this: To lose even more weight—up to 16 pounds in 14 days!—click here to discover The Best Weight-Loss Smoothie Ever!

Use a Heart- Rate Monitor

hugh jackman

"My latest trick is to wear a heart-rate monitor when I'm lifting…I never let the rate dip below 140. It's full-on," Hugh Jackman said in a Men's Fitness interview.

More on this: Staying in your target heart rate zone ensures you get the most out of your sweat session, but not everyone should aim for 140 like Jackman. Why? Target heart rate is dependent on age. Here's how to calculate yours: Subtract your current age from 220. This gives you your maximum heart rate in beats per minute. Then, multiple that number by 0.7 (70 percent) to determine the lower end of your target heart rate zone. Multiply your maximum heart rate by 0.85 (85 percent) to determine the upper end of your target heart rate zone. Staying between these two numbers during your workout is ideal for optimal results. Want more? Don't miss these 25 Weight Loss Tips From The World's Fittest Men.

Find Healthy Substitutions

wendy williams

Wendy Williams lost a whopping 50 pounds after cutting dairy and refined sugars out from her diet. She told E! News that she drinks coconut water instead of San Pellegrino soda and eats kale chips instead of potato chips for a healthy snack. While the daytime talk show host got a liposuction and tummy tuck back in 1994 to jump-start her weight loss, she told E! News, "I no longer believe in fad diets, crash diet, I don't believe in diet pills."

More on this: Snacks high in sugar, sodium and refined carbs are full of empty calories that keep you coming back for more. Instead, swap these unhealthy picks with high-fiber, high-protein choices, like hummus and veggie sticks, hard-boiled eggs, or fresh fruit with Greek yogurt. Want to curb your sweet tooth even more and lose weight? Get a copy of The 14-Day No-Sugar Diet—available today!

Order Two Appetizers

bethenny frankel

"Portion control isn't about measuring; it's about ordering two appetizers instead of an entrée and cutting back on bread if you have pasta," — Bethenny Frankel, former Real Housewife of New York and author of Naturally Thin, told Health magazine.

More on this: Frankel has the right idea, but some apps can be nutritional nightmares, so you still have to err on the side of caution to reap the weight loss benefits. Make one of your orders veggie- or broth-based (think: house salad, chicken noodle soup, or a grilled asparagus side dish) and steer clear of anything "fried", "battered" or "crispy" when you choose your second dish. That means avoiding fried calamari and mozzarella sticks—sorry. Try one of these 20 Best-Ever Fat Burning Soups tonight.

Cook Your Food in Tea

Kelly Choi

Emmy-award winning Kelly Choi and author of The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse takes Jenner's tea-loving tip to a whole new level by using tea when she cooks. "There are so many amazing properties in tea and so many healthy foods that require hot water," Choi says. "But I'll swap in hot green tea instead of water for things like oatmeal and quinoa. I've seen so many people benefit from my tea cleanse that it inspired me to keep the tea flowing whenever I can!"

More on this: You can experiment with different types of tea bag to throw into your hot cooking water—white tea, red tea, pu-erh tea—but when in doubt, start with green. Research has shown that green tea can lower triglyceride concentrations (the fat in your blood), as well as reduce belly fat. See all of Kelly's ideas in 16 Ways to Lose 15 Pounds With Tea!

Pick Out a Cute Gym Outfit

kelly osbourne

"To get to the gym—when you already don't like yourself—is really hard. So I had to make it fun. I started wearing cute outfits and putting on a little bit of makeup. And as vain as it sounds, it really helped me because eventually I stopped hating the way I looked," Kelly Osbourne said in a Shape interview.

More on this: Dread going to the gym from time to time like Osbourne? Totally normal—we all have days like that! But it may seem like less of a drag getting there if you know you've got a cute new workout outfit to sport on the treadmill. It's a small thing, sure, but it can really help keep you on track. Not sure where to score the best duds? These are some of our favorite online shops for fitness gear: Under Armour, Carbon 38, Lorna Jane, C9 by Champion, Bandier, Nike and Lululemon. Can't Lose Weight? Fitness Experts Explain Why.

Fill a Large Water Bottle

kim kardashian

"Drink more water. You'd be surprised the difference drinking more water can make to your weight loss mission and workouts," Kim Kardashian wrote in a blog post.

More on this: Experts agree this is a smart move. "Water may just be the best pre-workout supplement when you're looking to shed weight. Studies have shown that strength training while in a dehydrated state can boost levels of stress hormones that hinder muscle gains by up to 16 percent, says celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, Jay Cardiello. "When a client is looking to trim down, I tell them to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day and at least 8 ounces during their workouts." For a little extra flavor and weight loss boost, try these 50 Best Detox Waters for Fat Burning and Weight Loss!

Take a Moment to Be Grateful

cameron diaz
Shutterstock/Phil Stafford

"I don't look at exercise as a chore. I look at it as something I get to do. I am grateful that I can move my body in that way," Cameron Diaz explained to USA Today reporters.

More on this: Fitness experts agree that Diaz's approach to fitness can aid weight loss. "Before breaking a sweat, take a moment of gratitude for your health," says celebrity trainer, Kit Rich. "Doing so completely changes the energy of your workouts and can inspire you to push yourself harder."

Pack Protein In Your Bag

bobbi brown

"When I'm trying to drop a few pounds, I carry around a shaker cup of chocolate protein powder. If I'm ravenous, I add the water, and it fills me up so I don't eat something high-calorie instead, " Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, told Health.

More on this: Having a little something between meals can help ward off blood sugar dips that leave you feeling like you could eat an entire cake in one sitting. Follow Brown's lead by stocking your office, glove box, and kitchen with healthy, ab-friendly, protein-rich snacks—like vegan protein powder and some of our go-to nutrition bars for weight loss—that can go from a wrapper to your belly in a minute flat.

Don't Deprive Yourself

khloe kardashian

Khloé Kardashian says she cuts one item from her diet every week to avoid restricting herself too much. "For example, one week I'll eliminate soda, and then the next week I'll cut out late-night snacking," she told E! News.  The Revenge Body star and fitness fanatic revealed that setting small, attainable goals helped her lose more than 30 pounds. Kardashian also told E! News that she sets an alarm every hour to drink water to stay hydrated and regulate her hunger.

More on this: We're not surprised the new mom shed pounds after incorporating small changes into her lifestyle. Making small but smart swaps in your meals and following a regular exercise routine all contribute to more calories burned and weight loss.

Nix Booze

Sarah Jessica Parker

As Carrie Bradshaw may down cocktails by the dozen, but IRL the petite actress maintains her svelte figure by steering clear of booze. But that doesn't mean she doesn't indulge her taste buds. "I eat everything. Last night I had steak, some lamb shank…some ice cream and some cheesecake. I'm just simply not really a drinker. It just doesn't occur to me. Tonight, I'll have a glass of wine."

More on this: SJP is smart to steer clear of the hard stuff. Sure, a few cookies may have just as many calories as a glass of wine or a cocktail, but unlike alcohol, sweet treats don't affect your appetite. One Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study found that alcohol causes people to eat an extra 384 calories daily, on average. Researchers speculate that booze makes us more sensitive to food aromas and less likely to resist indulgent fare. Talk about a flat belly saboteur!

Reconsider Fad Diets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

"I'm not really one for fad diets," actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley told Vogue UK in 2012. "If I want to detox or shed some weight I'll cut out carbs and refined sugars."

More on this: Refine carbs and sugar contain almost no nutritional value and convert into sugar once you eat it. Like table sugar, it then spikes insulin levels, which promotes fat storage, explains registered dietitian Jim White. For those reasons, White considers it a diet no-no. For more foods that you should nix from your diet to lose weight, check out these 27 Foods to Toss Out of Your Kitchen for Good.

Add Easy Proteins to Your Cart

Shaun T

Bad diet decisions are often made when you're starving and have nothing healthy to eat in your kitchen. That's why Insanity creator and fitness celebrity Shaun T stocks up easy-to-prep proteins like frozen, deveined shrimp every time he hits the supermarket. Once you throw it on the stove, it's ready to eat in just a minute or two.

More on this: We're totally on board with this suggestion. Protein boosts thermogenesis—the body's ability to burn food as energy—so keeping easy to grab sources of the stuff in your kitchen is key to weight loss success. Not a fan of shrimp? Organic, low-sodium turkey breasts, pre-grilled chicken and hard-boiled eggs are also smart meal-starters to keep on hand. For more weight loss tips from Shaun T, click here!

Ditch Carbs After Dark

Daniel Craig

To get in shape for Casino Royale, Daniel Craig AKA James Bond, cut out carbs in the evenings and centered his diet around fruits and vegetables and lean protein sources like fish, eggs, and chicken.

More on this: Axing carbs at night flips the fat-burning switch by increasing the amount of fat burning hormones released while we're asleep, says trainer Chris Powell, who has helped hundreds of overweight people lose up to half their body weight on ABC's reality series Extreme Weight Loss.

Scan for MSG

Katy Perry

When Katy Perry took the stage for her 2014 New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas, the pop star has very specific requests in regards to her pre- and post-performance snacks, TMZ reports. Among the most noteworthy of her requests? All her treats had to be free of MSG.

More on this: The "Roar" singer is one smart cookie. MSG is an additive that makes everything taste more appetizing and increases our desire to continue eating—even after we've eaten our fill. In fact, one group of researchers found that giving laboratory rats MSG increased their food intake by a whopping 40 percent! But that's not all: The chemical also tells your body to pump out insulin, the fat-storage hormone. To ensure you keep the additive out of your diet, scan nutrition labels for monosodium glutamate, MSG, hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast, yeast extract and glutamic acid, which are all various names of the chemical.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is just one of the many A-listers who relies on the powers of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to stay slim and healthy. "It just cleanses out your system entirely," the svelte Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress said back in 2010. Incorporate ACV into your salad dressings, marinades, and sauces.

More on this: A Japanese study found that obese study participants who consumed two tablespoons daily were leaner and had less belly fat than the control group who didn't consume vinegar—after just eight weeks! How does it work? ACV produces proteins inside the body that incinerate pesky flab. To blast even more fat—and shrink your belly in just 7 days—click here for The Best Tea to Melt Fat—Fast. Test panelists lost 10 pounds in one week!

Cook With Coconut Oil

Miranda Kerr

Former Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr swears on record that a daily spoonful of unrefined coconut oil is the best way to beat the bloat.

More on this: Though it's a fat, coconut oil has been shown to scorch belly fat. A study of 30 men in the journal Pharmacology found that those who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil a day shrank their waists by an average of 1.1 inches in one month. Can't fathom the thought of eating the tropical oil from a spoon? Stir a teaspoon into your coffee for a creamy sippable treat.

Strip Down

Marisa Miller

Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Swim model Marisa Miller stays camera ready by stripping down and keeping her killer bod on display at all times. "Eating smart is all about having an awareness of your body," she told Women's Health. "The most obvious way to do that is by seeing it. So, when you're trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less. I don't think I could eat a plate of nachos naked—could you?"

More on this: It may seem unorthodox, but the 39-year-old bombshell is definitely on to something. "For psychological reasons, when we are dressed in comfortable clothing, we tend to 'let loose' with our eating," Cassie Bjork, RD, LD of Healthy Simple Life explains. Eating in your skivvies has the opposite effect. It will make you hyper-aware of everything you put into your mouth—which can help you make smarter diet choices and, subsequently, lose weight. For more must-try trim down hacks, check out these 30 Skinny Secrets from the World's Sexiest Women!

Pack Dumbbells

Jennifer Aniston

Golden Globe winner Jennifer Aniston doesn't let living out of a suitcase stop her from breaking a sweat. She just thinks ahead so she can workout on the go. "I take eight-pound weights with me whenever I'm staying in a hotel," she tells InStyle. "It's always good to do arm exercises when you're watching television or talking on the phone. I also love to stretch before I go to bed, and usually throw in a couple of sit-ups."

More on this: Swinging around a weight while chatting on your cell likely won't be the hardest workout you'll ever do, but it's better than skipping your sweat sessions altogether just because you're on the road. When it comes down to it, any workout is better than none at all and is a mantra you should learn to live by. But no matter how much sweat you put in, don't forget that abs are made in the kitchen.To discover how to get a washboard stomach in just 5 weeks, don't miss this essential list of the 5 Best-Ever Foods for Abs—Guaranteed!

Phone a Friend

heidi klum

"My best advice to readers is to work out with a buddy. They keep you motivated and get you out of bed," Heidi Klum explained to Glamour.

More on this: Klum is definitely on to something! People exercise for an average of 34 minutes longer with a friend than they do when they hit the gym solo, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. And the longer you sweat, the more quickly you'll reach your goals!

Keep Tempting Foods Out of Sight

jennifer hudson

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has been able to maintain her 80-pound weight loss for the past eight years, thanks to a technique she uses for overcoming temptation. "I throw the pancakes across the room! I don't let the food intimidate me. If it's too much, I just get rid of it…It's all about portions for the most part," she told Yahoo Style.

More on this: Depriving yourself of foods you love never worked for anyone, but there's something to be said about keeping unhealthy foods out of your office and house. By storing healthy meals in your kitchen and packing healthy snacks for the office, you'll feel less tempted to dive into a bag of M&Ms. Need snack ideas? Stock up on these 20 Best Low-Sugar Snacks.

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