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5 Best At-Home Workouts to Strip Away Belly Fat

Lose belly fat and get your midsection into shape with these effective at-home workouts.
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Embarking on a journey to reduce belly fat from the comfort of your home is not only convenient but also highly effective. For my clients who struggle to fit a trip to the gym into their busy schedules, I recommend at-home workouts for an efficient and effective way to lose fat, build muscle, and improve overall fitness. I've designed the following five at-home workouts to lose belly fat, providing you with a comprehensive approach to achieving a toned and more defined midsection.

Incorporating these at-home workouts into your routine provides a diverse and effective approach to strip away belly fat. Remember to stay consistent and pair your exercise routine with a nutritious, well-balanced diet for optimal results in achieving a toned and sculpted midsection. Read on to learn about the five best at-home workouts to lose belly fat, and when you're done, don't miss People Swear by the '3-2-1' Method for a Slim Waist: 'Changed My Life'.

Workout #1: high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for torching calories and belly fat

HIIT is renowned for its ability to burn calories long after the workout is complete, making it a powerful tool for shedding belly fat.

1. Jump Squats

jump squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Perform a squat, then explode upward into a jump. Land softly, and immediately go into the next squat. Aim for three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

2. Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Begin in a plank position with your arms straight. Bring one knee toward your chest, and then switch legs. Increase the speed while maintaining good form. Aim for three sets of 30 seconds each.

3. Burpees

illustration of burpees

Start in a standing position. Drop into a squat position, and place your hands on the floor. Jump your feet back, landing in a plank position. Perform a pushup, then jump your feet back to the squat position. Explosively jump up from the squat. Aim for three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

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Workout #2: Tabata for boosting metabolism and sculpting abs

Tabata training involves short bursts of intense exercise, making it an effective method for both calorie burning and abdominal sculpting.

1. Bicycle Crunches

woman doing bicycle crunches

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Lift your legs off the ground, and bring one knee toward your chest while simultaneously twisting your torso. Repeat with the other knee in a pedaling motion. Aim for three sets of 20 reps (10 per leg).

2. Plank Jacks

illustration of plank jacks

Start in a plank position. Jump your feet apart and then back together. Maintain a straight line from your head to your heels. Aim for three sets of 30 seconds each.

3. Jumping Lunges

jump lunges illustration

Begin in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Step forward with your right foot into a lunge, keeping your left knee just above the ground. Explosively jump straight up, switching your legs mid-air. Repeat the motion, alternating legs with each jump. Aim for three sets of 30 seconds each.

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Workout #3: Pilates for core strengthening and a tighter midsection

Pilates focuses on core strength and stability, making it an excellent choice for toning and defining the abdominal muscles.

1. The Hundred

Lie on your back with your legs raised and your arms by your sides. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground while pumping your arms up and down. Inhale for five counts, and exhale for five counts. Aim for three sets of 100 counts.

2. Leg Circles

Lie on your back, and lift one leg toward the ceiling. Make circles with your leg, first in one direction and then the other. Switch legs, and repeat. Aim for three sets of 10 circles per leg in each direction.

3. Dead Bugs

dead bug

Begin lying on your back with arms extended toward the ceiling and your legs lifted in a tabletop position. Lower one arm and the opposite leg toward the floor while keeping the back flat. Return to the starting position, and repeat on the other side. Perform three sets of 30 seconds each, focusing on maintaining core stability throughout the exercise.

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Workout #4: yoga for mindful movement and core activation

Yoga not only promotes flexibility and mindfulness but also engages and strengthens the core, contributing to the reduction of belly fat.

1. Downward-Facing Dog

downward dog

Start in a plank position. Lift your hips toward the ceiling, forming an inverted V shape. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Aim for three sets.

2. Boat Pose

boat pose exercise

Sit with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lean back slightly, lifting your feet off the ground. Extend your arms parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. Aim for three sets.

3. Warrior Pose

Begin in a standing position with your feet together. Step one foot back, keeping it straight, while bending the front knee to form a lunge. Extend your arms overhead with your palms facing each other, maintaining a straight line from head to fingertips. Hold the warrior pose for 30 seconds, ensuring proper alignment. Repeat on the other side, alternating between legs for a total of three sets.

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Workout #5: resistance training for building muscle and burning fat

Incorporating resistance training into your at-home routine not only builds lean muscle mass but also boosts metabolism, aiding in belly fat reduction.

1. Russian Twists with Dumbbell

Sit on the floor with your knees bent, and lean back slightly, holding a dumbbell. Rotate your torso to one side, touching the floor with the dumbbell. Repeat on the other side. Aim for three sets of 15 twists (seven to eight per side).

2. Standing Oblique Crunch with Resistance Band

Anchor a resistance band. Stand sideways to the anchor, holding onto the band with your closest hand. Crunch your torso away from the anchor. Repeat on the other side. Aim for three sets of 12 to 15 crunches per side.

3. Standing Crunches with Dumbbell

Begin by holding a dumbbell in one hand at your shoulder while standing with your feet hip-width apart. Engage your core, and lift your knee toward the opposite elbow, crunching the obliques. Return to the starting position, and repeat on the other side, alternating for a specified duration. Perform three sets of standing dumbbell crunches, aiming for 30 seconds of continuous movement in each set.

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