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25 Fun Costco Summer Items to Snag Before They Sell Out

Don't miss out on these crazy deals on summer essentials.
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When it comes to rolling out seasonal items, Costco is often far ahead of other retailers. Sure, it may be a month or two until the idea of summer pushes into reality. After all, the weather barely feels like spring in many parts of the country. But in true Costco fashion, the gear you need for peak summer is already taking up major real estate in the warehouse.

You'll want to look in every direction, including up, to see some of its offerings. And if you want to add to your summer stock in a big or small way, you'll want to act fast. What you see today may not be there tomorrow, and it'll be time to think about Halloween by mid-July.

Here are 25 summer items to grab at Costco before they're gone.

Happy Hop Crocodile Cave Adventure Waterpark

kids playing on the happy hop crocodile water park.
Photo: Ebay

You'll need to focus your attention on the warehouse ceiling to spot this giant crocodile inflatable waterslide that you may have seen on TikTok. A constant air blower and ground stakes are included to make sure this colorful water adventure stays put. It's not cheap at $379.99 in the warehouse and $399.99 online.

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BestWay Sprinkler Pad

kids playing on sprinkler pad.
Photo: Costco

If you are looking for a slightly less monstrous toy for your little ones, this 10-foot sprinkler pad is a fun backyard toy for summer. Kids can stomp around on the ocean-themed floor with light sprinklers coming out of every direction. For $19.99 at the warehouse, it's OK if it only lasts one season. You can also order online for $29.99.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

tommy bahama printed beach chair on white background.
Photo: Costco

Costco is all-in on Tommy Bahama summer gear, offering a cooler, outdoor lights, and this aluminum-frame beach chair. For $39.99 at the warehouse, the colorful chair has space for cups and phones and five reclining positions. It's light enough to carry to the beach, with padded back straps and a rubber carry handle. Need an extra chair? Order online to get a set of two for $79.99.

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Welspun Beach Towel

Welspun beach towel at Costco

You can never have too many beach towels, especially if you don't want the washing machine running daily or your kids going to camp. These are a nice size and weight, and for $9.99, a good price too. You can also order a two-piece set online for $19.99.

Loftex Home Beach Towel for Two

assorted colorful beach towels draped over chairs.
Photo: Costco

Yes, Costco has beach towels for all occasions. You'll want some dry-off towels, but it's also nice to have a few jumbo towels, like this one that's 72 by 84 inches. These towels are perfect as beach blankets. They can shield your trunk before anyone puts in their sandy or muddy gear. You can use them for camping or on a picnic. They're $19.99 each at the warehouse.

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Sunvilla Wills Seven-Piece Dining Set

an outdoor dining set.
Photo: Costco

If you need patio furniture, now is the time to buy it (or after the season when it's on clearance), and Costco is a great place to do so. The outdoor seven-piece dining set with table and chairs is a nice pick if you have the space. It's $1,199 at the warehouse and $1,379.99 online.

Cascade Mountain Tech Double Travel Hammock

blue hammock on a white background.
Photo: Costco

Whether camping or just looking for a place to relax in your yard or anywhere, this double hammock does the trick. It can fit two people and be tied and secured on two trees. It will cost $19.99 in the warehouse, or $29.99 online, and comes with a storage bag.

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Above-Ground Pool Set

people swimming in a large rectangular pool.
Photo: Costco

You need a lot of space for this pick, an above-ground pool currently on sale for $1,099. Make sure you get all the necessary approvals to set this up in your yard. No tools are required for this one, just 13,798 gallons of water to fill its frame, which measures 31 feet and 4 inches by 16 feet by 52 inches.

Sun Bum Sunscreen

sun bum sunscreen two pack from costco.
Photo: Costco

Now is the time to stock up on sunscreen at Costco, whether in the warehouse or online. The store already has its display set up with a few choices, including Neutrogena, Banana Boat, and Sun Bum sunscreen. You can grab a two-pack for $21.99. The price is the same both online and in-warehouse.

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Big Joe Pool Noodle Sling Chair 2-Pack

Big Joe Pool Noodle Sling Chair from Costco

These sling-back chairs make it easy for teens and adults to kick back and relax in the pool. The front pocket allows space to store your sunglasses or a beverage. You can grab one chair in the warehouse for $21.99. Or have a two-pack delivered to your door, as they're also online for $49.99.

Cascade Mountain Tech Pool Noodle

4 pool noodles on a pool deck.
Photo: Costco

What's summer at the pool without a pool noodle? They are great for kids learning to swim or anyone who wants to take a moment and float with a little support. This version for $19.99 at the warehouse is UV- and chlorine-resistant with a triple vinyl coating that won't fall apart after a few uses. You can also order a four pack online for $79.99.

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20-Piece Bucket Set

an assortment of sand toys.
Photo: Costco

Make sandcastles all day with this 20-piece bucket set, which includes all the tools you need to dig, rake, mold, and create the ultimate sand creations. Each piece is brightly colored, making it easy to find when you leave the beach.  It's available in the warehouse for $14.99 or order online for $18.99.

Lifetime Commercial Quality Folding Picnic Table

a picnic table in a park.
Photo: Costco

We owned the kid-sized version of this folding picnic table, which lasted for years (and beyond, my kids just outgrew it). This adult-sized version is perfect for a yard that doesn't have space for permanent patio furniture or if you need a little extra seating on occasion. It folds up and is incredibly durable for $169.99 at the warehouse, or order online for $259.99.

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Leisure Line Adirondack Chair

adirondack chairs ona a beach.
Photo: Costco

Adirondack chairs scream summer whether you have them around a campfire or on the porch for reclined seating. This version is made of recycled plastics and is UV- and weather-resistant, meaning you won't feel bad if it gets left out and uncovered in lousy weather. You can grab one in the warehouse for $139.99.

HO Sports Hyperlite Youth Life Vest

a boy in a life vest.
Photo: Costco

Kids need life jackets for any water activity, from water trampolines to boating. After the season starts, it's not easy to find them in kid sizes, so you'll want to snag a few at Costco, especially at $29.99 apiece in the warehouse.

Body Glove Stand-Up Paddle Board

a woman using a paddle board.
Photo: Costco

If you have access to a lake, stand-up paddle boarding is a great exercise and a peaceful way of enjoying the water. The version at the warehouse is inflatable, with an electric pump included, a removal fin, carry handle, and bottle holder. It'll cost you $399.99 in-warehouse.

Aqua Luxury Pool Recliners

people lounging on pool recliners.
Photo: Costco

Kick your feet up and really relax in this inflatable pool float, which features a fun blue tropical pattern and an oversized backrest for ultimate comfort. The box in the warehouse comes with two loungers for $39.99, a great deal if you have a pool or know someone who does!

Off! Deep Woods Dry Insect Repellent

3 pack of insect repellent.
Photo: Costco

Although this bug spray won't keep the noise of the impending cicada infestation away, it will take care of other pesky bugs like ticks and mosquitos. It's worth having a few cans of this bug spray for those buggy summer nights. The three-pack comes with two 6-ounce bottles and one four-ounce for $18.99.

H20 Go Giant Serpent Sprinkler

kids playing on a sea serpent water set.
Photo: Costco

This serpent sprinkler has a lot of character and water fun. Kids can run around and under the three spraying areas of the snake-like creature, which is close to 21 feet in length. You can grab this in the warehouse for $49.99 or order online for $57.99.

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Step2 Grill and Gather Play Center with Canopy

step2 grill and gather playset.
Photo: Costco

This adorable outdoor station gives little hands a reason to be busy grilling up pretend food, washing pretend dishes, and tending to an imaginary garden. It's covered to keep little faces out of the sun and comes with various accessories—play food, plants, etc to keep them busy for hours. It'll run you $179.99 at the warehouse and $199.99 online.

Tobin Sports Wavebreak Kayak

2 people kayaking.
Photo: Costco

If you want a smaller boat in the water this summer, Costco is an excellent place to shop. This two-person kayak is in the warehouse at $219.99, has a weight capacity of 440 pounds, and comes with two aluminum paddles. You can also order online for $229.99.

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Igloo 62-Quart Wheeled Cooler Latitude with Lid

a blue igloo cooler on wheels.
Photo: Costco

A good cooler is vital for the summer, especially if you are on the go to outdoor concerts or youth sporting events. Costco has at least a half dozen in the warehouse, ranging from inexpensive to more than $600. This Igloo 62-quart wheeled cooler is in between, a sturdy offering for $49.99 at the warehouse or $59.99 online.

Step2 Rain Shower and Flow Water Table

kids playing on a water table.
Photo: Costco

A water table is a must for young kids. It relieves the anxiety of watching them in a pool when they aren't strong swimmers and gives them hours of water-filled entertainment (plus, it's less messy than sand). This Step2 version, available at the warehouse for $69.99, comes with fun buckets, strainers, wheels, and floating creatures. It's also available online for $89.99.

HO Sports Nighthawk 3 Towable

3 people on an inflatable raft being towed by a boat.
Photo: Costco

If tubing is more your speed, Costco has you covered, too. For $199.99 at the warehouse and online, you get a tube for up to three riders. An air pump and tow rope are included. This is another item to look for up high in the warehouse.

Youth Bathing Suits

Speedo Youth 1-piece Swimsuit from Costco

Costco usually has a plethora of bathing suits for kids before summer starts, and it's a great place to stock up. Prices are usually less than $20. Online already features a few styles, including this Speedo version for $14.99.

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