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The #1 Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol, Says Dietitian

Drinking fresh orange juice without added sugar can help your heart and cholesterol levels.

You can't focus on your heart health without paying attention to your cholesterol levels. While your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol for the building of cells, too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other health complications.

The most common problem related to high cholesterol is clogged arteries, which can, unfortunately, be extremely harmful to your health. And even though high cholesterol can sometimes be genetic, there are dietary changes you can make to help.

According to Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, author of The First Time Mom's Pregnancy Cookbook and Fueling Male Fertility, one of the best drinks you can have to help you lower your cholesterol is 100% orange juice.

Here's how orange juice can help your cholesterol levels, and for more healthy drink tips, make sure to check out The #1 Drink to Avoid Visceral Fat.

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orange juice

Orange juice without added sugar is a great drink for your overall health and can provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs.

"100% OJ is a naturally sweet drink that is fat and sodium-free, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals," says Manaker.

Not only that, but according to Manaker, this drink can also help those with high cholesterol levels.

"Data has shown that drinking 100% orange juice is linked to reducing total cholesterol, as well as LDL cholesterol," says Manaker. "Plus, this drink may also increase the 'good' HDL cholesterol too."

Manaker also notes that a review and meta-analysis published in Phytotherapy Research found that drinking orange juice every day can result in lower total cholesterol levels. The review suggests that there may be a link between OJ and insulin sensitivity as well, but this is not fully proven.

If you're going to reach for a glass of OJ, make sure that you're drinking 100% orange juice without added sugar in order to get the full health and cholesterol-lowering benefits.

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