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The #1 Best Drinking Habit for a Flat Belly

Adopting this expert-approved drinking habit can help promote a flat belly.
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Getting a flat belly can seem impossible, but it is attainable. With the right diet and exercise, you can limit calories and tone your core, helping to burn off fat around your midsection. However, even with these lifestyle measures in place, you might notice that your stomach isn't shaping up exactly how you imagined it.

First: it's important to understand why you have belly fat before learning how to get rid of it. "Excess body fat will come from consuming too many calories," says Noah Quezada, RDN, a registered dietitian at Noah's Nutrition. "According to research published in Obesity Reviews, those that eat too many calories and hyper-palatable foods (those that are both highly processed and intensely flavorful) are more prone to have abdominal fat."

While your eating plan may have ditched these super-refined foods and replaced them with whole, nourishing ingredients, you might need to double-check what you're drinking if you haven't attained a flat belly.

"Sugary beverages and alcohol are among the worst offenders," Quezada continued. "Because it is difficult to stop at one serving and they are heavy in calories, all of these [drinks] can promote fat accumulation in the belly."

If you need to really tone your stomach and get that flat belly of your dreams, you need to severely limit these types of drinks and embrace more zero-calorie options, like green or black tea, black coffee, and water. According to Harvard Medical School, you can't go wrong with more water in your life either if you need a slim stomach. This drink helps stop constipation in its tracks and helps your digestion process, ensuring your body functions properly.

Replacing a cocktail with water sounds less than appealing, but don't assume you have to avoid fun drinks in your life if you want a flat belly. Rather, use Quezada's advice to practice the best drinking habit for a flat belly by simply tracking what you're sipping on throughout the day.

"The overconsumption of calories is the most important influence on body weight (and fat)," Quezada said. "So the best drinking habit would be to monitor your [calorie] intake and to practice moderation."

Quezada recommends tracking your daily intake of both foods and drinks to make sure you stay within your calorie budget.

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Just like any diet, keeping track of what you drink and limiting the amount of calories that go through a straw can ensure you hit your waistline goals with a minimal amount of stress. By keeping track of your drinks over the course of the day and sticking to more beverages like water or tea, you can cultivate the best patterns for losing weight around your belly.

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