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The #1 Best Fruit to Crush Sugar Cravings, Says Dietitian

Smash those cravings with this satisfying plant!
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When a craving for sugar hits, it can be extremely difficult to not reach for a big bowl of ice cream. But a sweet tooth is nothing to be ashamed of. According to a study from the Journal of Nutrition, "up to 97% of women and 68% of men report experiencing some sort of food craving, including cravings for sugar."

Sugar cravings tend to occur because someone is restricting carbohydrates and/or has a lack of protein in their diet, explains Sydney Greene, MS, RD, and a member of our medical board. Greene explains that it's best to turn to "slow-burning fruits in combination with sources of fat and protein to calm cravings."

While craving sugar can be your body's way of communicating to you the nutrients it's missing, there are some foods that can help curb those cravings for sweets. So, what's one fruit that is your best bet in crushing the desire for something sweet? Avocados!


"Avocados are an example of a fruit that has fiber and naturally occurring healthy fats to help curb sugar cravings," Greene says. "Not only are avocados a strong source of protein, but they provide healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that play a huge part in fueling and satisfying the body."

Another factor causing sugar cravings can be an imbalance in blood sugar. According to research from King's College London, dips in blood sugar several hours after eating can result in feeling hungrier and can even result in an overconsumption of calories to make up for it. Keeping blood sugar steady is key for crushing those cravings and overeating.

Avocados bring nutrients that "limit insulin and blood sugar spikes," according to a Nutrients study. Plus, the high fiber content in avocados can help slow down the rate of digestion and "causes a more gradual and lower rise in blood sugar," according to CirculationMeaning you won't feel ravenous shortly after enjoying a plate of avocado toast.

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A great way to incorporate more avocado into your diet can be by spreading the fruit on some multi-grain toast or rolling some up in a tortilla wrap, says Greene. Greene also suggests pairing complex carbs with this natural healthy fat.

Adding avocados to salads, dishes with eggs, smashed on whole-grain toast, or even desserts will give you the satisfaction and satiety to keep you full without a need to search for high sugar foods.

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