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Side Effects of Giving Up Sugar, According to Science

Ditch sugar-packed foods and reap these benefits.

Side Effects of Giving Up Sugar, According to Science

The 15 Best Low-Sugar Yogurts, Approved by Dietitians

Sugar-loaded yogurts are a thing of the past.

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This Sugar Substitute May Protect You From Diabetes, Study Finds

New research shows saccharin is safe to consume.

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10 Easy Ways to Eat Less Sugar From a Celebrity Nutritionist

Here's how to easily cut down on the sweet stuff.

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Controlling This Hormone May Help Lower Blood Sugar, Study Finds

Controlling this hormone may help lower blood sugar.

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25 Low-Calorie Desserts to Buy Under 150 Calories

You CAN have dessert daily! Here's what to grab.

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This Is Why I Always Keep These Low-Sugar Ice Cream Bars In My Freezer

It's a freezer staple for a healthy, indulgent dessert.

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