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10 Nut and Seed Butters—Ranked by Protein

Here is every kind of popular nut and seed butter ranked by its protein content.

For those who rely on legumes, seeds, nuts, and other plant-based protein alternatives, a nut and seed butter are both a great way to help fulfill your daily needs of the macronutrient. Currently, there are a lot of different kinds and brands of these butters available for purchase, so we hand-picked a few of our favorites and showcased the protein content of each nut and seed butter so you have a better idea of how much protein you're consuming each day.

From the jars with the least amount of protein to the ones with the most, here are 10 different kinds of nut and seed butter we love, ranked by protein.

Coconut Butter

mara natha coconut butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 2 

We know what you're thinking—isn't coconut technically a fruit? From what we discovered, it actually passes for a seed and a nut too, which is why we thought it deserved to be on our roundup of nut and seed butters. Marantha's coconut butter is the least protein-filled of them all offering just 2 grams of protein per serving (two tablespoons). Coconut butter, to one's surprise, also contains the most saturated fat with a whopping 19 grams—about 95 percent of your daily intake. Similar to coconut oil, use this nut butter in moderation as consuming that amount of fat and often could cause weight gain depending on what the rest of your diet looks like. Enjoy this spread on a piece of toast or swap it out for melted butter on steamed veggies.

TIED—Macadamia Nut Butter

wilderness poets macadamia butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 4 

Did you know that macadamia nuts are a great source of the trace mineral manganese? Your body only needs 2 milligrams of manganese per day and just one serving of Wildnerness Poets macadamia butter suffices half of your daily needs? Manganese provides a host of health benefits including aiding in bone formation, immune response, and blood clotting. If you're looking for a midday sweet treat, try breaking off a square or two of Fair Trade dark chocolate and dunk them into one tablespoon of this nut butter for a luscious pick-me-up.

TIED—Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

wild friends chocolate hazelnut spread jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 4 

Wild Friends chocolate hazelnut spread is a great alternative to Nutella. Why? Two tablespoons of this nut butter yields 160 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein in comparison to Nutella which clocks in at 200 calories, 21 grams of sugar, and only 2 grams of protein. See the disparity? Wild Friends also donates 1 percent of their revenue to non-profit organizations that work to empower women and girls. We appreciate a brand that creates healthful products and supports a good cause.

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TIED—Cashew Butter

once again organic creamy cashew butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 5 grams

If you love a creamy nut butter, then you may just fall in love with Once Again's creamy cashew butter. As is the case with any natural nut butter, separation will occur between the nuts and the oil if not stirred, so make sure to thoroughly stir and refrigerate after opening to have the best possible texture all the time. I personally love stirring a tablespoon (or two) into my morning cup of oatmeal.

TIED—Walnut Butter

the nutty gourmet walnut butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 5 

The Nutty Gourmet makes their walnut butter with walnuts exclusively sourced from California's Central Valley. Get a dose of healthful omega-3 fatty acids with a serving of this creamy nut butter.

TIED—Almond Butter

justins classic almond butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 6 

Justin's may just be the most popular almond butter brand on the market and with 6 grams of satiating protein, it's one of our preferred nut kinds of butter. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant in the body. We love Justin's because of all the different kinds of flavors of almond butter they make including honey, vanilla, and chocolate hazelnut.

TIED—Sesame Butter

seedible sesame butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 6 

Also containing a whopping six grams of protein is Seedible's sesame seed butter. What separates this product from tahini—a paste made from sesame seeds—is that it's also made with dates, which contributes to its thicker consistency.

Sunflower Butter

no sugar added sun butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 7 

Speaking of seeds that are high in protein, SunButter sunflower butter is another great way to get a healthy serving of protein and fat. The product is made from sunflower seeds cultivated in North and South Dakota, as well as Minnesota. Slather two tablespoons on top of a thick piece of whole-grain toast and drizzle with honey for a hearty breakfast.

TIED—Peanut Butter

santa cruz organic dark roasted peanut butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 8 

It's safe to say that many of us cherish memories of noshing on homemade PB&Js in the lunchroom, and it just so happens that peanuts are innately one of the most rich-in-protein nut varieties. We like Santa Cruz dark roasted peanut butter because it only contains peanuts and a dash of salt—no added oils or sugars.

TIED—Pumpkin Seed Butter

88 acres the seed co pumpkin seed butter jar


Grams of protein per 2 TBSP: 8 

You may be shocked to learn that a serving of this pumpkin seed butter packs as much protein as peanut butter. We sure were! Try spreading two tablespoons of this butter on top of your morning pancakes for a boost in satiety and magnesium, which helps to regulate blood pressure and blood glucose (sugar) levels.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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