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13 Best Store-Bought Burger Sauces That Aren't Ketchup or Mustard

These condiments are zesty, spicy, aromatic, and perfect for elevating your next homemade burger.
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Burger sauce, secret sauce, special sauce —all of these names conjure up a big, juicy burger with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and cheese between two buns with a flavorful sauce, bringing the whole messy handheld together.

Most of us probably tried a burger sauce for the first time on a Big Mac or maybe Burger King's zesty sauce, but the popularity of this mayonnaise- and ketchup-based sauce – and all its variations – has led to dozens of similar sauces being available on grocery shelves. When you decide to have your next burger night or barbecue at home, one way to make it a little more special is by adding one of these savory and sweet sauces to your repertoire. Here are some delicious ideas.

Boar's Head Fiery Chipotle Gourmaise

boars head fiery chipotle gourmaise
Photo: DoorDash

Deli case mainstay Boar's Head also makes sauces, and while you've probably seen their horseradish sauce on shelves, this Bold Fiery Chipotle Gourmaise sauce is a burger must. It has a creamy base, but adding chipotle peppers gives the sauce a zesty kick that leans more towards umami than heat.

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Bobbie's Boat Sauce

a bottle of bobbie's boat sauce
Photo: Bobbie's Boat Sauce

This flavorful sauce was born of necessity when its inventor concocted it from pantry staples on a boating trip. Bobbie's Boat Sauce has a tomato paste base, with flavors from sauteed garlic and onions, and the addition of fish sauce for a twist. With a nice balance of acidity, sweetness, and savoriness, Bobbie's is a burger sauce that's less creamy but packs a flavor punch.

Flavortown Top Secret Sauce

guy fieris flavortown
Photo: Flavortown

Mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri created a burger sauce you can use at home. The Flavortown Top Secret Sauce is a creamy aioli made with chili powder, a touch of mustard, and garlic. It's excellent on a burger or for topping a chicken sandwich.

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Great Value Secret Sauce

a bottle of great value secret sauce
Photo: Walmart

This Secret Sauce from Walmart's Great Value brand is one you shouldn't sleep on if you're a fan of the Mickey D's. It's one of the most inexpensive burger sauces and many claim it tastes just like Big Mac sauce. We love this sweet, kid-approved sauce on burgers but it also makes a nice dip for chicken tenders.

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Heinz Burger Sauce

a bottle of heinz burger sauce
Photo: Heinz

The king of ketchup has added a bevy of sauces to their line-up in recent years, including a mayonnaise-based Burger Sauce. This mild pink sauce has a heavy ketchup component, so it's softly sweet, but there's a kick of mustard to give it a nice tang.

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Hidden Valley Burger Secret Sauce

hidden valley burger secret sauce
Photo: DoorDash

Loving ranch dressing is practically a religion in some parts of the country, and now that creamy buttermilk flavor is available in Hidden Valley Burger Secret Sauce. Available in a squirt bottle for easy topping, the sauce delivers garlicky buttermilk flavor with a tangy touch that makes it ideal for topping burgers.

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Nando's Perinaise

a bottle of nando's perinaise
Photo: Nando's

Nando's is an international chain with 1,300 restaurants worldwide specializing in South African flame-grilled Peri-Peri-style chicken. They've taken their Peri-Peri flavoring, mixed it with mayo, and created a spicy sandwich topper, Perinaise, that works as well with burgers as it does on chicken.

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Primal Kitchen Special Sauce

a bottle of primal kitchen special sauce
Photo: Primal Kitchen

Starting out as a natural foods brand, Primal Kitchen has evolved into the go-to brand for sauces adapted to different dietary preferences. The bonus is that they're all delicious, including the Special Sauce. This dairy-free, Keto-certified sauce combines the crisp, savory bite of pickle relish with tangy mustard and ketchup flavor with a hint of sweetness.

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Sir Kensington's Special Sauce

bottle of sir kensingtons special sauce
Photo: Sir Kensington's

Sir Kensington's brand of sauces focuses on making flavors a little more fancy. Their take on Special Sauce contains smoky paprika, crunchy pickles, and a dash of mustard for a remoulade-inspired concoction. It's also non-GMO, gluten-free, and keto-certified.

Sweet Baby Ray's Secret Sauce

bottle of sweet baby rays secret sauce
Photo: Sweet Baby Ray's

The beloved barbecue sauce brand has branched out beyond its molasses-forward sauce into other styles, and the Secret Dipping Sauce works well on burgers and roast beef sandwiches. It has the addition of horseradish to give it a bit of heat that is flavorful but not overwhelming.

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Trader Joe's Magnifisauce

trader joes magnifisauce
Photo: Trader Joe's

Possibly the grocery store with the best in-house brands, Trader Joe's has an excellent burger topper in Magnifisauce, a standout even among the great sauces and toppings you'll find elsewhere. The handy squeeze bottle is filled with a blend of mustard, mayo, ketchup, and pickle relish, with vinegar in the background and a secret spice blend.

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Whataburger Creamy Pepper Sauce

a bottle of whataburger creamy pepper sauce
Photo: Walmart

The Texas-born burger chain brought many of its beloved toppers to grocery stores, including its excellent bacon. This creamy Pepper Sauce is also available. Our burgers are the better for it, with creamy mayo blended with vinegar and a sharp pepper to cut the sweetness perfectly.

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Woeber's Sandwich Dressing

a bottle of woeber's sandwich dressing
Photo: Woeber's

Primarily a mustard maker, Woeber's also has a Sandwich Dressing in its line-up. It's perfect for topping a burger (or any sandwich) with a blend of sweet pickles, pimentos, and spices. The company also suggests using it in place of mayonnaise in dip and casserole recipes.

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