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The Best Grilling Gear You Absolutely Need This Summer

Be ready for all your outdoor BBQ adventures by loading up on the handiest tools and accessories around.
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It's that time of year where the best cooking happens in the great outdoors. Well, when it's not storming, of course. Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of grilling season, and before you break out the hot dogs and hamburgers, there are a few items you might want to stock up on.

Shelves, both physical and virtual, are filled with all you need for a successful season. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or aficionado. Some of the items make great gifts, too.

From Amazon to Costco and everywhere in between, here are 25 items you need to get your grill on this summer.

Prices are current at the time of publication but are subject to change. 

BIC EZ Load Utility Lighter

a two pack of bic lighters
Photo: Bic

Now is a great time to stock up on lighters for the grill, campfire, or whatever requires a little fire power this summer. This BIC EZ Load lighter makes it easy to take your run of the mill lighter and insert it into the bigger multipurpose lighter. Easy to use, and it won't peter out as quickly as some of the other lighters that don't take refills.

$14.99 (Pack of 2) at Amazon
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OXO coiled grill brush

oxo coiled grill brush
Photo: The Cook's Warehouse

This bristle-free brush has the manpower you need to clean the dirtiest of grills. The brush can be used on hot or cold grills. Although the brush is sold at a few different places, Costco has it for $29.99 in the warehouse, and that includes a replacement brush head. You can also order online at a higher price.

$36.99 at Costco
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Made In Carbon Steel Frying Pan

made in carbon steel frying pan on a white background
Photo: Amazon

This carbon steel frying pan can withstand heat like cast iron, but it's much lighter in weight. The pan can withstand up to 1200 degrees in heat so it's perfect over the campfire, in a pizza oven and on the grill. The holes allow for nice charring on vegetables or whatever you dish up. If you take care of it properly, it should last decades.

$99 at Amazon
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Grill Gloves

a pair of grilling gloves
Photo: Amazon

A good pair of grill gloves is essential for any outdoor cooking. These are heat resistant over 800 degrees and can be used with just about any indoor or outdoor cooking vessel. They're also machine washable making it easy to quickly wash away any meat drippings or char.

$12.99 at Amazon
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OXO Grips Grilling Tools

oxo tongs and flipper for grilling
Photo: Amazon

A good collection of grilling tools will go a long way in making it easier to make food outdoors. This simple set from OXO comes with a turner and tongs making it easy to grip and flip burgers, sausages, or whatever else you're making. There's also a hidden bottle opener making it easy to crack open a libation while you cook.

$22.99 at Amazon
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Scrub Daddy Grill Brush

scrub daddy grill brush on white background
Photo: Amazon

You can never have too many grill brushes and this one from Scrub Daddy is key for really getting the grime off those grates. A retractable hook can lift up grill grates and help really scrape off gunk. The temperature-controlled foam helps change the texture of the surface depending on what you need to clean.

$44.99 at Amazon
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Heinz Grill Pack Variety

heinz grill pack
Photo: Costco

It wouldn't be grilling season without Costco's ubiquitous four pack of condiments, including two squeeze bottles of Heinz ketchup, and one each of mustard and relish. Now is the time to stock up as the sale price is $5.59 in many warehouses (online prices are typically higher). This year's pack features "Simply" ketchup, made with no artificial sweeteners. Let the comments begin.

$10.99 at Costco
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Jasee Barbeque Grill Lights

a grill light set from amazon
Photo: Amazon

There's nothing worse than going out to grill something for dinner and not being able to see what you're cooking until you bring it inside. These grilling lights will solve that problem, and they require no installation. The strong magnetic gooseneck lights are easy to adjust to the angle you need. A two-pack for $15.99 is a great deal on Amazon.

$15.99 at Amazon
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Kirkland Signature Hardwood Pellets

a bag of grill pellets from costco

If you own a smoker you'll want to grab a big bag of pellets for the season. There are times when you want a different variety (cherrywood, mesquite, etc.) for a different flavor profile, but for a commodity bag that works for everything, Costco has you covered. Grab a 40-pound bag of the retailer's private-label Kirkland Signature variety for $12.99 at the warehouse (online prices are typically higher).

$20.99 at Costco
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Meater 2 Plus

meater 2 plus
Photo: Courtesy of MEATER

If you are serious about cooking any protein, you need a good meat thermometer. It will make it so much easier to ensure you are cooking at proper temperatures (and that you don't end up with raw meat!). This Meater 2 Plus is wireless with multi sensors and an extra-long range, making it almost foolproof to cook just about anything.

$129.95 at Amazon
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Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce

Bachan's original Japanese barbecue sauce
Photo: Amazon

A few good marinades and sauces can certainly amp up grilling season. This Bachan's Japanese barbecue sauce is less traditional 'cue and slightly more teriyaki with soy, mirin, ginger, and green onions. It goes well with everything from chicken to veggies.

$7.89 at Amazon
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Grill Prep Trays

a set of grill trays
Photo: Amazon

Grill prep trays are sometimes an afterthought in grilling but they can make a huge difference in easy cleanup and keeping everything sanitary. This two-pack of Cuisinart trays comes in red for raw meat and black for serving. The nesting trays are dishwasher safe making for super simple cleanup.

$19.99 at Amazon
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Blackstone Griddle Tool Kit

Blackstone griddle kit including spatulas and flippers.
Photo: Amazon

Be prepared for any outdoor cooking adventure with this smart griddle tool kit from Blackstone. For $21.99, you'll get an eight-piece set including two spatulas, a flipper, a scraper, a chopper, two squeeze bottles, and a storage bag.

$21.99 at Amazon
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Dill Pickle Mustard

trader joe's dill pickle mustard
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

It's always fun to put out a few unique condiments for your burgers and dogs, and this dill pickle mustard from Trader Joe's is always a fan favorite. You'll find it for just $1.99 at TJ's. Or, if you don't have a location near you, order via Amazon.

$10.50 at Amazon
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Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce
Photo: Sam's Club

Speaking of condiments, it's essential to have a good BBQ sauce on hand for both dipping and marinating. The classic Sweet Baby Ray's is always a hit and you'll be able to find it at most grocery stores. If you want to go all in, grab a two-pack of 40-ounce jugs at Sam's Club, on sale this month for $5.48.

$5.48 at Sam's Club
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Spiceology Spice Rubs

a spice set from spiceology
Photo: Amazon

If you love grilling, having a variety of easy-to-use spice rubs at your fingertips is always a bonus. This 12-pack of spices ranges from raspberry chipotle to Jamaican jerk and everything in between makes a great gift and the perfect way to amp up flavor on the grill all summer long.

$71.99 at Amazon
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Mr. BBQ Stainless Steel Folding Grill Basket

grill basket on white background
Photo: Amazon

A good grill basket is great to make sure things don't fall through the cracks – literally. It makes the perfect vessel for fish, vegetables, really anything you can think of that's a little more delicate to cook on an open flame. The basket comes with a detachable handle, a basting brush, stainless steel skewers, and a carrying bag.

$29.99 at Amazon
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Cedar Planks

a set of cedar planks
Photo: Amazon

Want an easy way to infuse flavor into whatever you are cooking? Cedar planks are a great way to do that. Salmon is often cedar planked but you can use them for vegetables, other fish, anything really. Just make sure to soak those boards so they don't go up in flames.

$14.99 at Amazon
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Cuisinart SmashBurger Kit

a set of tools to make smashburgers
Photo: Amazon

There's nothing better than a good smash burger, especially with grilled onions, and this kit makes it foolproof to whip up a batch in no time. The kit includes a cast iron burger press, patty papers, a shaker for whatever seasoning you add, and a spatula.

$28.64 at Amazon
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HQY Basting Brush

a basting brush
Photo: Amazon

For $5.99, you can't go wrong with this 12-inch stainless steel basting brush, especially for things like ribs that need a constant spread of barbecue sauce while grilling or smoking.

$5.99 at Amazon
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Grill Cover

a black grill cover
Photo: Amazon

The elements can wreak havoc on the exterior of any grill—hello, summer storms!—so having a cover on hand is always a good idea. This rip-proof, fade-resistant universal cover fits most grills measuring 58 inches or less. For under $20 on Amazon, it's a worthy investment.

$17.99 at Amazon
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Kinder's Prime Steak Seasoning

a bottle of kinders steak seasoning
Photo: Sam's Club

Costco has become partial to the Kinder's Spice Blends and often has a variety or two on hand at any given time. For a fancy pick, choose their prime steak seasoning with black garlic and truffle. Costco sells it as a 9.5-ounce bottle in the warehouse and you can grab it on Instacart, too, for a modest upcharge.

$10.52 at Costco
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Graza Olive Oil

graza sizzle drizzle
Photo: Graza

The concept of olive oil in a squeeze bottle seems so simple, but Graza really took it mainstream. From personal experience it makes it a lot easier to drizzle on vegetables, pizza and just about anything, really. You'll want these bottles for all of your summer cooking needs. You can grab a two-pack of the drizzle and sizzle extra virgin olive oil bottles on Amazon for $44.99.

$44.99 at Amazon
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OXO SoftWorks Grilling Prep & Carry System

OXO SoftWorks Grilling Prep & Carry System from Costco
Photo: Costco

Save yourself a few trips to the grill with this handy OXO grilling prep and carry system from Costco. The set includes a large cutting board and a deep tray, which can be used for seasoning, carrying, and serving. It also comes with two smaller trays with lids that allow you to keep raw and cooked foods separate. All are dishwasher-safe and made from BPA-free plastic. The kit further includes six stainless steel skewers.

$32.99 at Costco
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Grillo's Pickles

Grillo's Pickles Dill Chips from Costco
Photo: Costco

What's a burger without pickles? Grillo's has become a Costco staple and the brand's pickle dill chips are back in a 32-ounce container. Grillo's is also starting to debut its new easier-to-open packaging that should hit Costco soon as well. Get the container for $5.99 at the warehouse, or order online at a higher delivery price.

$7.01 at Costco
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