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This Bride's 4-Month Workout Got Her Toned for Her Wedding Day

The pressure's on when it's the wedding day countdown.

There are so many things to do to prepare for a wedding, from choosing a venue, sending out invites, and deciding on the perfect dress. But typically, one of the biggest items on a bride's to-do list is how to look and feel her best on her wedding day. We spoke with a bride, Maggie Caso, whose goal was to tone and strengthen her body, and she did it with much success! Read on to learn about Caso's 4-month workout to get toned to walk down the aisle.

This bride wanted to strengthen and tone her arms and sculpt a strong core for her honeymoon.

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Courtesy of Maggie Caso

Caso's pre-wedding fitness regimen started four months before her wedding. She felt that was enough time to devise the perfect fitness and health routine for her. Not only was she able to successfully reach her goal, but she was able to keep up with her routine after tying the knot.

Starting at the beginning of her 4-month workout, Caso shares she wanted to look and feel her absolute best for her wedding day. She says, "We had a destination wedding down in Jupiter, FL so I wanted to strengthen and tone my arms and have a strong core for my honeymoon. When I started working with my personal trainer, Jacquie Smith, she came up with a custom workout program that really motivated me because I could feel myself getting stronger each week and I was seeing results."

Her main focus was on strengthening and toning her body, but she ended up losing some weight, too. She started her fitness journey weighing 114 pounds and dropped five pounds to 109. "The biggest change I saw was the definition of my arms," she reveals, adding, "They were much more defined and sculpted and it was the strongest I've ever felt." Wearing a sleeveless gown, this was an ideal area to tone up.

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She stuck with a custom workout plan, which consisted mostly of sculpting and barre exercises.

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Courtesy of Maggie Caso

What exactly was this bride's 4-month workout that got her toned for her wedding day? Well, she was certainly diligent, training three to four times each week. She met up with her personal trainer once a week, then two times a week the month before the wedding. The custom workout plan Smith curated for Caso consisted mostly of sculpting and barre exercises, in addition to strength-building and planks to tighten up the core. She also attended spin classes.

Caso enjoyed working with a trainer, saying of Smith, "Her exercises were challenging, but she always pushed me to do my best and I was proud knowing how much more I was able to do by the end of the program vs. when we first started." She adds, " I've always enjoyed going to barre classes, but I had no idea I was doing many of the workouts incorrectly this whole time!"

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She made tiny, feasible changes to her diet.

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As far as diet is concerned, Caso didn't follow anything specific, but rather implemented Smith's "little adapts" mindset, which consisted of making tiny, feasible changes to her diet. She added more veggies and fruits to meals, consumed fewer processed foods and sugars, and focused on all-around cleaner eating, being mindful of healthier ingredients.

Three years later, and now a mom, Caso's fitness game is still strong.

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Close to three years after her wedding day, Caso's fitness game is still going strong. She now has a 17-month-old and uses her time wisely, telling us, "Quick 20 to 30-minute workouts work best for my lifestyle and allow me to work out more consistently throughout the week." She's a fan of hopping on the Peloton and utilizing Smith's postpartum strengthening workouts.

Some inspiration from Caso for anyone who wants to attain their fitness goals? "For me, it's all about making small, attainable changes that become a habit. Give yourself plenty of time and start slow. Daily movements are key even if you can only squeeze in 15 to 20 minutes," she says, adding, "I'm proud that I've been able to keep up with my fitness goals and have found a routine that works for me even after having a baby."

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