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Burger King Just Shrunk The Size of This Beloved Menu Item

These cute little treats are not only smaller, but also have less calories!

Along with news about reopening safety policies, restaurants are announcing menu changes. Some are notices of items that are off menus for good. However, there's also been menu additions, and one from a fast-food favorite is super cheap and the perfect size for a sweet snack! It's only here for a limited time, though.

That being said, Burger King mini shakes are here! The fast-food chain shrunk their chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla milkshakes to 9 oz. cups and are selling them for only $1. Yep, one dollar. And with the lower price and smaller size comes a pretty good alternative for Burger King's normal-sized desserts.

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Without whipped topping the strawberry mini shake clocks in at 351 calories while the chocolate and vanilla both have 365. Add a mini amount of whip for only 38 calories. So going with the mini can save you almost 400 calories! The regular size Chocolate shake has 761 calories, Strawberry has 643, and Vanilla has 583. And that is just calories. The minis also have significantly less sugar, fat, and sodium which make them a better option if you're craving something cold and sweet.

The chain never formally announced the new menu feature. They confirmed the news on Twitter with a new banner picture and a tweet after other users started to take notice, according to USA Today.

The mini shakes aren't the only new menu item gaining popularity at BK. Last year they launched the plant-based Impossible Whopper. Then, in June, they rolled out the Impossible Crossan'wich after announcing it back in January.

But BK isn't the only restaurant adding things onto its menu. Taco Bell recently brought back the beloved Nacho Crunch Double-Stacked Taco which is also, conveniently, $1. On the other end, McDonald's may cut all-day breakfast permanently to keep up with the streamlined operations currently in place at their restaurants during COVID-19.

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