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Here's Why a Conservative "Moms" Group Is Peeved at Burger King

There's even a boycott in the works.
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On August 1, 2019, Burger King announced the national launch of the Impossible Whopper, a burger patty made entirely from plants that tastes just like real beef. As far as flavors go, it's unexpected—a trick on both the mind and the palette. How can not-beef taste just like beef? That's impossible! (Hence the name.)

In the ad announcing the release, Burger King laser-focused on the impossible nature of Impossible Whoppers. The minute-long spot features people candidly trying the meat, expressing surprise at the fact that hey, wow, this stuff really does taste like beef. At the 0:47 mark, one patron sums the collective opinion succinctly: "D*mn, that's good."

But one cadre of conservative-leaning activists didn't take kindly to the language. In a statement issued last week—more than five months after the ad's initial air date—the group One Million Moms decried what they called a "highly inappropriate" use of "the d-word."

"Burger King's Impossible Whopper ad is irresponsible and tasteless. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial. We all know children repeat what they hear," the group wrote. "The language in the commercial is offensive, and it's sad that this once family restaurant has made yet another deliberate decision to produce a controversial advertisement instead of a wholesome one."

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This isn't the first time One Million Moms—a subsidiary of the American Family Association—has publicly taken up arms. Last month, they called for viewers to boycott the Hallmark Channel over a series of advertisements from Zola, the digital wedding registry company, celebrating a same-sex couple. Under pressure, Hallmark pulled one spot featuring two women kissing on their wedding day…but then quickly backpedaled, publicly apologized, and reinstated the ad.

With this Burger King incident, One Million Moms is doubling down on a similar course of action: They're calling on people to sign a pledge and boycott Burger King until the ad is pulled (or the "d-word" is edited out). Every day, the Home of the Whopper serves 11 million customers. Currently, about 9,200 people have signed the pledge.

And for more fun facts about this astonishing patty, check out these 21 Things to Know About the Impossible Burger, a Plant-Based Meat Alternative.

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