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Chick-fil-A Is Adding 4 Exciting Summer Items To the Menu Next Week

Including a new chicken sandwich and a new milkshake!

Not that we needed an extra reason to look forward to summer after the cold winter months and rainy spring season, but the launch of summer menu items at popular fast-food chains is certainly an added bonus! The past week has been an especially exciting time for fast-food lovers craving a summer refresh at their favorite chains. Wendy's just relaunched its seasonal Summer Strawberry Salad for a limited time, Popeyes permanently brought back its Blackened Chicken Sandwich, and Chick-fil-A just announced that it's jumping on the train of summer launches as well.

Starting June 12, the beloved chicken chain's menu is expanding with four new and returning items, giving customers an extra set of food and beverage options to choose from during the hottest season. Two of these additions are seasonal items that Chick-fil-A brings back every year to ring in the start of summer. The chain is also testing a brand-new chicken sandwich and giving a national launch to a breakfast item that has previously only been sold at select locations, so many fans will have the opportunity to sample a Chick-fil-A item they've never tried before.

Here are the four exciting summer items launching at Chick-fil-A next week.

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Peach Milkshake

Chick-fil-A Peach Milkshake

If the warm weather doesn't tip you off that summer is here, then the return of the Peach Milkshake certainly will. Chick-fil-A first introduced the item in 2009 and it has been a mainstay on the chain's seasonal menu ever since. 

Chick-fil-A chef Angela Canada took inspiration from her family's recipe for homemade peach ice cream when she set out to create the absolute best version of this cold sweet treat. The milkshake went through more than 15 different versions before the chain landed on the recipe that customers know and love today.

The Peach Milkshake is a blend of Chick-fil-A's creamy, vanilla-flavored Icedream dessert and peaches, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It will only be available through August 26 or while supplies last, so fans shouldn't wait too long before heading over to their local restaurant to get their hands on one.

White Peach Sunjoy

Chick-fil-A White Peach Sunjoy
Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Another way to get your stone fruit fix is the chain's returning White Peach Sunjoy. This refreshing drink, first launched in 2018, is a combination of Chick-fil-A's classic lemonade, sweetened iced tea, and white peach flavors.

Customers can also just add those white peach flavors to Chick-fil-A's iced tea, lemonade, or Frosted Lemonade, a creamy combination of lemonade and Icedream. Like the Peach Milkshake, this beverage will be available through August 26 or while supplies last at participating restaurants nationwide.

Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich

Chick-fil-A Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich
Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

If you're looking for some new variety in your Chick-fil-A orders and happen to live in Indianapolis, Ind., or Lexington, Ky., you're in luck. The chain is testing a brand-new Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich in those markets that elevates its classic grilled chicken sandwich with sweet, smoky, and citrusy flavors.

The sandwich features a lemon herb marinated chicken breast that's grilled and topped with pepper jack cheese, green leaf lettuce, and bacon tossed in a brown sugar and pepper blend. Chick-fil-A serves all of these flavorful ingredients on a buttered and toasted maple-flavored brioche bun.

"Throughout my childhood, I always loved maple syrup, so I was thrilled to incorporate it into our newest chicken entrée, the Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich. The sweetness of the maple syrup complements the smoky flavors of the grilled chicken and the hint of spice from the pepper jack cheese and pickles," Christy Cook, a Chick-fil-A chef and the creator of the new sandwich, said in a statement.

Though the Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich will only be available in select markets initially, fans can hope that the test is successful enough to convince Chick-fil-A to give it a wider launch in the future.

Spicy Chicken Biscuit

Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit
Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A's Spicy Chicken Biscuit is already available at select locations in the United States, but starting Monday, it will become available at all restaurants nationwide. The breakfast item features a piece of the chain's signature boneless chicken breast that's seasoned with a "spicy blend of peppers," hand-breaded, fried, and served on a buttermilk biscuit.

This addition will add some extra variety and spice to Chick-fil-A's breakfast menu, which already includes regular Chicken Biscuits, burritos, Hash Brown Scrambles, and a variety of breakfast sandwiches. In the best news of all, the Spicy Chicken Biscuit will be a permanent menu item after it launches nationally next week, so customers won't have to worry about losing the breakfast option in a few weeks or months.

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