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Coca-Cola Products You'll See Everywhere in 2021

The company will champion these popular beverages in place of discontinued products.

More than 2,000 jobs will be cut at Coca-Cola, as the company discontinues 200 beverages from its vast portfolio. The soda giant plans to make significant investments in some of its newer brands, and has already announced several products it plans to champion next year.

Despite its popular brands, Coca-Cola wasn't immune to pandemic-related losses, according to Business Insider. Revenue fell to $8.7 billion between July and September—a 9% year-over-year decrease—prompting the company to look for new ways to turn its business around. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

With the 200 discontinued brands representing about half of its portfolio, pruning down the number of products it sells appears to be a primary recovery strategy for Coca-Cola. The cuts, which are already underway, have sparked major waves of discontent among legions of fans. Tab, the diet soda of yesteryear that debuted in the 1960s, was discontinued in October. It joined Odwalla juices and Zico coconut water in the group of products retiring due to underperformance. 

Instead, Coca-Cola plans to invest in growing brands like AHA sparkling water, Minute Maid, and Simply juices. The company will also launch some new, highly-anticipated products like Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, which is its first alcoholic product in 40 years. The spiked seltzer will be available to U.S. consumers next year, and it will be a direct competitor to brands like White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light. However, Coca-Cola is banking on the popularity of its Topo Chico line, as well as the fact that sales of hard seltzers increased by 200% in 2019 alone.

Coca-Cola Energy is another product the company will get behind in a big way next year. Coke's take on an energy drink launched this year, and the product remains a priority in 2021, according to brand director Brandon Strickland. "We set out on a mission to make energy drinks more accessible to more people, and we have done just that," he told Beverage Industry. "We look forward to building on this early success in 2021."

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