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Costco's Bakery Just Dropped 2 Exciting Spring Desserts

The warehouse club is giving shoppers even more sweet options this season.
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Shopping at a place like Costco, where there are numerous eye-catching meals, snacks, and treats, can cause you to work up an appetite. If you're craving something sweet, there are some desserts you'll want to keep on your radar.

Recently, shoppers announced the arrival of two bakery items: strawberries and cream bar cake (320 calories per serving) and flan (230 calories per 1/16 cake). As with any other product-related announcement, news of these arrivals generated social media buzz among shoppers.

Introduced last spring, the strawberries and cream bar cake features a white cake layered with strawberry filling and sweet whipped cream. Social media users spotted this item for $18.99.

"Definitely one of my favorite Costco bakery finds!" Costco fan account @costcobuys wrote in an Instagram post announcing the product's return. In the comments section, several Instagram users expressed their excitement about the dessert's reappearance.

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"I loved it last year!" one fan wrote. "Yummm! Definitely grabbing!" another one added. That being said, the cake hasn't won over everyone, with some shoppers expressing concerns about the item's ingredients.

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The second bakery item to garner social media attention of late is the warehouse club's caramel flan. Instagram user @costcohotfinds, run by Laura Lamb, noted that this is the first time she's seen the dessert at her Texas warehouse. However, many shoppers in the comments section noted that they've had this bakery item at their club.

Made with a sweetened egg custard and a caramel topping, flan is a popular dessert in Latin America. There are multiple variations of it across several parts of the world, such as Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Weighing three pounds, Costco's flan is made with caramel custard and a rich caramel topping. Lamb spotted this dessert for $14.99.

"Most importantly, it is fantastic. It's soft, light, creamy, and one of the best I've had," the social media user said.

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The recent post has sparked hundreds of comments.

"Had them in the Bay Area last summer. They were amazing!" one fan wrote. "Always at all Miami locations. Never disappoints," another commented.

However, not everyone was impressed with Costco's flan, as many commenters commented on the doneness of the dessert.

"Looks burnt," one noted. "Looks overcooked. Flan should be smooth without bubbles," another one added

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These two desserts aren't the only sweet treats to recently arrive at Costco's bakery. The popular lemon meringue cheesecake (390 calories) has also returned to warehouses. First launched in 2023, this seasonal item features a graham cracker crust layered with lemon cheesecake, tangy lemon filling, and toasted meringue. Additionally, this dessert can feed a crowd, weighing almost four pounds. Shoppers spotted this cheesecake for $21.99.

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